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Security, Strength, Quality opened their new business in September 2020, so they’re just one year old, yet in a short time they’ve already established themselves as leaders in the field of supplying fencing solutions for a wide variety of applications. They supply, manufacture and install a selection of fencing and gate options for the construction industry, as well as for mining, industrial and agricultural concerns, for the hospitality industry, and for residential applications. Just a few of their recent clients include Pannar Seed warehouse in Ruwa, Management Training Bureau in Msasa, Union Hardware’s Burnley Road branch and OK Zimbabwe branch in Mbare , as well as a number of residential projects.

Pomona Steel and Fencing will visit your site to measure up and make recommendations, or alternatively they can work from drawings or information supplied by the client. They can then provide you with a free quotation as well as an estimated time to manufacture and install your products. Once the quotation has been accepted they will proceed to manufacture your fence to your specifcation including your gates and within a few days their installation team will be at work fitting your superior quality product.

They currently have a team of 7 employees at their factory involved in the manufacturing side – cutting, welding, drilling and spray painting – in addition to three teams of 4 workers on the installation and fitting side. All work is carefully and personally supervised to ensure customers receive the best quality service and are totally satisfied.

supply a selection of fencing options which includes the diamond mesh, field fencing, barbed wire and razor wire. They also supply and fit Clear View fencing – sometimes referred to as High Vis or Anti-climb fencing. Another very popular option is their palisade fencing which is completely manufactured and finished at their factory. Both of these products are becoming increasingly popular these days as they provide an extra level of security for customers while still allowing a clear view of what’s happening inside the property. Solid perimeter walls tend to provide a barrier but once unwanted or undesirable people are over the wall they are protected from watchful eyes and can go about their business unchecked.

Clear View or palisade fencing is ideal for retail businesses, providing excellent security while still allowing customers to view the products or services on offer, and these options are considerably more aesthetically appealing and attractive than the conventional pre-cast cement panels.

Both Clear View and palisade fencing also create an opportunity for businesses to put up signage or branding and allow interior signage to be seen. Clear View is also ideal for demarcating and securing smaller spaces within a factory or warehouse, for instance for stock control.

Clear View is generally available in black, grey, green and galvanised, while black and green are the preferred colours for the fence. However, as the fence post are spray painted at the factory customers can request their individual or unique colour choices. Fencing posts could be red, yellow or blue to match the exterior architecture or the colours of your brand’s logo. The choices are almost unlimited!

There’s a 25-year warrantee on their galvanised fnish and a 10 year warrantee on the powder coated finish. As your product is likely to last a lot longer than 10 years fences, posts and gates can easily be repainted as or when needed.

In addition to their standard fencing products Pomona Steel and Fencing also supply and ft electric fences. They manufacture a range of gates to suit your needs including single hinged access gates, steel security gates, butterfly gates and sliding gates. Gates can be operated manually or by an automated electric motor system and are custom made to your design whether you need plain, no nonsense industrial gates, or a more decorative design for your home.

Pomona Steel and Fencing was founded by Mr Chengetai Mawoyo who has previous experience in supplying agricultural equipment. Their factory, storage and offces are accommodated in a huge warehouse custom designed to suit their requirements by Craftworx Architecture. The warehouse is over 1000 sqm with an attractive aluminium and glass façade, a pretty landscaped garden in front (created by Savannah Gardens) and plenty of parking. At the rear of the warehouse 6m roller shutter doors allow easy access for loading and deliveries.

Besides their bigger projects, where they supply and install, Pomona Steel and Fencing can also supply small orders for clients who wish to do their own installation. Customers can buy fencing from as little as 10m up to larger quantities.

To contact Pomona Steel and Fencing:

Visit: 966 Pomona Industrial Park, Harare

(use the Superfert access road)

Call: +263 773 091 567 | 263 773 398 192



text by Michael Nott

photos Structure and Design

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