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Lighting World’s new Msasa showroom… lighting the way to a greener future

Lighting World is Zimbabwe’s leading supplier of light fittings, light bulbs and lighting accessories. Their new Avondale branch was featured in Structure and Design issue 12. But they’ve also been busy renovating, redesigning and expanding their main showroom at 65 Mutare Road in Msasa. The new showroom has been re-imagined as, in part, an Eglo concept store – the only one in Southern Africa. Who says Zimbabwe can’t lead the way in new technologies and new designs? Eglo Lighting are recognised as world leaders in lighting design and in environmentally friendly lighting technology.

Their current range of light fittings and bulbs are considered trend makers leading the way for future lighting designs for homes, offices and retail spaces. Lighting World is delighted to present the Eglo ‘bulb less’ range which focuses entirely on LED options. Their downlighters are almost paper thin, easy to install, energy saving – and they provide a beautiful soft diffused light. They are the perfect replacement for traditional recessed downlighters in the home, and they’re also ideal for offices or retail shops – to replace conventional fluorescent tube lights – or for other areas that need diffused light. They have the added benefit that they produce almost no heat, and because they’re LED they have a longer life span!

Lighting World was the Zimbabwean leader in the drive to replace the old incandescent bulbs and CFL’s with more environmentally friendly options like LED’s. They pre-empted the position taken by ZERA (Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority) to discourage the use of incandescent bulbs and four years ago they stopped importing incandescent bulbs completely. They are now listed as one of ZERA’s preferred suppliers for lighting products. Lighting World has been concentrating more on LEDs and less on CFLs. When they were first introduced to the market LEDs were considerably more expensive than CFLs, but new developments have made LEDs much more affordable.

They are the sole agents for Luxram Lighting who are world leaders in the manufacture of LED’s. This has assisted Lighting World in ensuring they have the latest LED technologies at the most competitive pricing for their customers in Zimbabwe. In addition their LED’s projected lifespan is considerably longer than other products – in most cases offering over 25 000hrs of use. Some consumers tend to confuse wattage and brightness or lumen output. Wattage measures the amount of energy used while lumen is the amount of light emitted by the bulb. The same lumen output can be achieved using a greatly reduced amount of energy.

New LEDs are available in different light ‘colours’ or ‘tones’ with cool white being preferable for kitchens, bathrooms or workspaces and warm white being preferable for lounges or bedrooms. Lighting World offers the largest range of LED products and is almost guaranteed to have what you are looking for. In addition LEDs are considered more environmentally friendly than CFLs which contain mercury and other hazardous gasses making them more difficult to dispose of responsibly.

But it’s not just all about the relative pros and cons of different bulbs. The new showroom has a beautiful range of lights and light fittings including opulent crystal chandeliers, pendant lights, wall and table lamps, and a big range of fun and funky light fittings dedicated to brighten up children’s’ rooms, displayed in a way that offers you a true visual as it would be in a home. They also stock a wide selection of outdoor garden lights ranging from the more practical floodlights to pretty Italian style lanterns, bulkheads and bollards. Lighting World also provides lighting solutions for more commercial uses – parking areas, sports fields and stadiums, streetlights and traffic lights. For sports fields and stadiums they offer a modern, high-tech computer simulated consultation service, whereby they can tell you exactly how many lights you will require to obtain the correct amount of lumens, where to best position them and exactly how bright each section of the field or area will be.

Apart from their Eglo range of lights and fittings (for which they are the sole distributors in Zimbabwe) they are agents for many other well-known ranges such as Luxram, Leadsun, Schneider, and Legrand. They supply modern ceiling fans, pool lights, LED strip lights, light switches and sockets, MCBs, and all the related electrical requirements.

For more information visit the new showroom at

65 Mutare Road, Msasa. Opening Mon – Fri: 8.00 to 5.30 Sat 8.00 to 1.00pm

Call: 0242 487 932/3

Cell: +263 772 124 163

Fax: 0242 487 932/3



Facebook: Lighting World

Text by Michael Nott

Photography by Michele Fortmann and Kush Carter

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