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100 Monteygomery Luxury Townhouse Development

Design 100 Montgomery is an exclusive luxury townhouse development, in the much sought after leafy suburb of Highlands. These three bedroom homes have been meticulously and tastefully designed, by acclaimed local architect Sarah Morgan, to maximise light and space. This contemporary elegant home offers a high quality of life to any resident, and a high return on investment to any investor.

Design features of the townhouse units: 3 bedroom with master bedroom en-suite Open plan-living area combining a living room, dining room and kitchen Ample storage space Verandah and terrace 2 parkings Location At Cardinal Corporation we wholeheartedly believe in the age old adage of ‘location, location, location’, and for this reason we only select prime suburban spots with optimum positioning. Situated at the confluence of Arcturus Road and Montgomery Road, 100 on Montgomery fits all the important location criteria for a project and enjoys close proximity to the CBD and amenities including shopping centres, multi-denominational churches, adult and children entertainment facilities, restaurants and coffee houses, medical facilities and veterinarian clinics. Concept The pivotal attraction of this development is 100% exclusivity.

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an affordable luxury townhouse in the well-established neighbourhood of Highlands. The 100 on the address translates to 100% prestige, designer living, exclusivity and investment. Only 27 purchasers will get a bit of this cherry. Utilities In a country where water supply is constrained, we understand that water is at the forefront of a purchaser’s mind in the deciding on a home.

For this reason, we have ensured that a generous water supply per household per day will be supplied from two separate sources; the mainline supply from City Of Harare, as well as two boreholes sunk on the site. A central storage facility will be situated on site and fed by a pump to the 27 households. As per the City of Harare requirements the project will be connected to the mainline sewer, and ultimately each unit will have a pre-paid electricity meter.


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