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BD Stodart Machinery: Constructing Your Future

BD Stodart Machinery is a leading provider of earthworks services in Zimbabwe. With over two years of experience, BD Stodart Machinery has gained significant expertise in managing projects of all sizes and complexities, from small residential driveways to large commercial and industrial developments. Essentially, BD Stodart Machinery takes projects from bare land to finished developments, handling every step of the earthworks process.

Managing director, Bruce Stodart indicates that the team’s expertise and adaptability have allowed them to tackle challenges head-on and deliver high-quality results on every project.

“Our portfolio includes a diverse range of earthwork contracts, each presenting unique challenges and requirements. We’ve successfully navigated projects with varying subsoil bases, complex level controls, different sub-base materials, in-situ soils, and various geotechnical challenges,” he reveals.

The company specialises in subdivision and horticultural development, asphalt, earthworks, trenching, drainage, brick paving as well as walkways.

BDS Machinery manages construction projects of varying sizes and complexities as a subcontractor to some of Zimbabwe’s major construction companies. The company has acquired an in-depth understanding
of local construction regulations and requirements, which has led to more efficient and effective project management of a very high standard.

Bruce adds that “experience in addressing a wide spectrum of earthwork complexities positions BDS as a reliable and capable partner for earthworks projects.”

As a result of its consistent delivery of high-quality work on time, BDS has established a strong reputation in Zimbabwe. With room for further improvement, BDS is poised to continue its growth and success.

BDS Machinery’s fleet of machines and equipment is impressive. It includes everything needed to handle earthworks projects of all sizes such as tippers, graders, steel drum rollers, TLBs, excavators, lowbeds and horses, water bowsers and water carts, a skidsteer and light vehicles as well as small tools that include concrete cutters, plate compactors and jumping jacks.

Additionally, Bruce points out that “over the last two years, we’ve expanded our machinery inventory significantly, allowing us to take on more projects.”

This strategic investment has been instrumental in driving the company’s continued growth.

Also, as a testament to its commitment to clients and ensuring that deadlines are always met, BDS Machinery has built strong relationships with reliable external plant hire companies who can provide assistance in the event of equipment failure.

To ensure that their equipment always operates at peak performance, BDS Machinery maintains a rigorous approach. They thoroughly assess machine operators before hiring, verify their skilled worker qualifications, and continuously monitors their performance throughout their careers. The company also regularly refreshes their training to keep them up-to-date on the latest safety and operating procedures.

Bruce also highlights that BDS Machinery uses Smartsheets, a comprehensive project management system, to track overall project management and many other functions, including a service tracker that enables the company
to keep its machines serviced and maintained regularly. This helps BDS Machinery achieve its mission of delivering the highest quality output to its clients.

BDS Machinery takes the health, safety, and well-being of its workforce very seriously, knowing that a happy and healthy workforce leads to better service delivery. “We are continually striving to push ourselves to be better,” says Bruce. BDS Machinery has a proven track record of success in completing a wide range of earthworks projects, such as warehouse developments, drainage systems, roads, stormwater drainage, warehouse distribution platforms, car parks, and shopping centres, all the way down to residential driveways, pothole patching and golf course cartways.

BDS Machinery is committed to delivering the highest quality projects, achieving customer satisfaction, and cultivating a rewarding culture of hard work and high standards. The company’s mission is to bring the customers’ visions to life.


Text by Perry Kaande

From: S&D ISSUE 60

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