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Skylake Boreholes became a fully registered company in 2016, founded by the current CEO Tatenda Samukange, and has since become one of the leading borehole companies in Zimbabwe. Samukange is honoured to be one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the feld in Zimbabwe.

Samkange’s story is a bit of a rags to riches tale. He worked at a number of jobs, including marketing for an IT company and buying and selling cars before he got the opportunity to work on commission for a borehole company.

In 2015 Samukange conceived the idea of opening his own company – and the rest is history. Samukange initially hired equipment from other companies in order to establish his reputation, but he was fortunate enough to win a huge tender in 2016. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that most young businessmen can only dream about. The project helped to kick-start his business as well as establish his reputation with referrals assisting Skylake to set up contracts with a number of prominent clients. By 2017 Samukange had been successful enough to purchase his first drilling rig and the company has continued to grow since then.

Skylake now has a fleet of vehicles and equipment that includes drilling rigs, compressors, trucks and bowsers, as well as properties in Harare and Mutare. From modest beginnings Skylake now impressive custom designed offices along Samora Machel Avenue as well as a yard for the rigs and trucks along Glenara Avenue. From modest beginnings Skylake now employs around 50 operational staff as well as around 10 admin staff – all working together to offer clients the best possible service and to guarantee customer satisfaction. Samukange attributes his success, in part, to an aggressive marketing strategy, backed up by his experience in the IT and social media industries.

Skylake has now been awarded tenders for some major projects across Zimbabwe. Part of their IT strategy which they offer customers includes their strategic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which allows Skylake to monitor projects including a site’s performance, the need for periodic servicing and the specifc parts required for maintenance and repairs. The software allows them to collect, store, manage, and interpret data for their installations.

They also employ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which allows them to keep track of all the history and details of each individual client. Skylake’s services include the initial siting of the prospective borehole, drilling and casing the borehole, installing the right sized pump for the project, the electrical or solar powered hook-up and the connection to the storage tanks (and tank stands), the plumbing required for the link to the house or business premises and everything else for the smooth and effcient running of your investment. In addition they offer a full maintenance and servicing option including a warranty on parts supplied.

Their siting system includes the use of advanced Terrameter technology which is extremely accurate and allows a client to know in advance the estimated depth of the borehole and the capacity and reliability of water which is likely to be accessed. It also allows Skylake to select the correct and most appropriate size of the rig needed and to select the precise equipment for drilling, saving clients both time and money. Their state of the art equipment allows Skylake to drill up to 200m.

Skylake offers a full service including the siting, drilling, installation, capacity testing and maintenance. They supply tanks, stands and pumps as well as irrigation systems for domestic and agricultural applications. Drilling generally takes a day, thereafter the borehole is allowed to settle for a few days, and the installation is usually completed in a single day. Skylake has unique wet hole and dry hole policies regarding the siting and drilling of your borehole. They have explained the different options below:


  1. a) The Contractor shall drill a second borehole in the event that no water has been found on the first borehole. However, the client is required to provide their own surveyor/siter.
  2. b) If it so happens that water has been found on the first attempt, the contractor is not obligated to refund the difference of the extra amount paid on the wet hole policy.
  3. c) In the event where the second borehole is also dry and no water has been found, we shall not be liable.


  1. a) The contractor does not guarantee water. The client shall take the risk of drilling a dry hole even if they use the contractor’s site report’s) The client shall meet the drilling costs until they find water.Apart from successfully siting, drilling and installing boreholes across Zimbabwe, from the bigger centres like Harare, Bulawayo, Masvingo and Mutare, Skylake has completed project in more remote and isolated areas for mining and agricultural projects. They’ve also donated communal boreholes in a number of high density areas. And their social responsibility commitments don’t end there. They recently donated boreholes for Wilkins Hospital and the Beatrice Infectious Diseases Hospital to help cope with the current pandemic demands for fresh, clean water. They also work closely with a number of NGOs and other community based projects providing water for the more vulnerable sectors of our society. In addition they are in constant liaison with both ZINWA and the Upper Manyame Catchment Council to regulate uncontrolled borehole drilling and illegal water extraction.

As a company focused on a more environmentally friendly option and they’ll soon have their website and a blog for the responsible use of our fnite water resources.

To contact Skylake:

Visit their offices at 214 Samora Machel Avenue,

Eastlea, Harare, Or at 5 Herbert Chitepo Ave, Mutare


+263 772 764 310 | +263 785 305 275

+263 785 887 878 | +263 714 449 825


Website: https://skylakeborehol

text by Michael Nott

photos by Structure and Design

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