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WestProp Developments Poised to Elevate Zimbabwe Tourism Landscape

Zimbabwe’s sports tourism is set to benefit immensely with the coming on board of Hills Luxury Golf Estate by WestProp whose ground breaking ceremony is set for the first week of May.

The live, work, shop and play mixed use estate is setting the tone for luxury living, sporting and shopping in Harare and will certainly be a benchmark for all future settlements as it addresses decades long aspirations of prospective and discerning homeowners.

Residents have always wanted to stay in compact, safe and amenity filled communities in which they do not have to struggle with transport to go shopping, attend sporting facilities and hoteling.

Golf has emerged as one of the money spinners globally and Harare is set to enjoy the golfing spoils in less than a year when the Hills Luxury Golf Estate comes alive.

Work on the golf course has already begun amid a lot of expectation from the golfing community many who have been traversing global golf courses to have a feel of luxury golfing.

Just across the Zambezi golfers local golfers have been visiting Bonanza Golf Estate in Zambia and hundreds more have found South African courses enjoyable.

WestProp Holdings is set to change the golfing feel in Harare with the Hills Golf Luxury Estate that comes with a USPGA standard luxury golf estate whose fairways, greens, tee boxes, bunkers and water features are a mark of excellence.

CEO Mr Ken Sharpe has remained humble but upbeat on the offering.

“We are on the market to provide nothing but luxury experiences. We seek no competition. Our aim is to make sure Zimbabweans become domestic golf tourists while providing a competitive course that attracts top golfers to visit Zimbabwe, play golf and proceed to enjoy the natural heritage we have in across the length and breadth of our beautiful Zimbabwe,” he said.

Mr Sharpe is well aware that a top notch golf course will not only enhance Zimbabwe’s reputation as a friendly golf destination but attract more tourists and investors who enjoy luxury golfing.

Mr Sharpe himself has been on a road trip to attract investors to Zimbabwe with the sole aim of creating value, employment and improve brand rating for Zimbabwe. His sojourns have paid off with massive interests in the WestProp products.

“The visiting golfers will spend on accommodation, food, transport and inversely aid in job creation for caddies, golf instructors, and administrative staff thereby enhancing livelihoods,” he said.
Harare City Council is set to reap huge rewards from the luxury homes, villas which will attract huge rates and property taxes like the Folyjon Street properties in Glen Lorne.

Properties adjacent and adjoining the estate will eventually increase in value with owners reaping premiums in either rentals or sales.

A number of local golfers have made it on the world tour and with the coming on board of the Hills Luxury USPGA standard golf course more locals are set to be identified.

“We are going to promote a junior golf programme recruiting children from nearby communities to bed part of our development initiative,” he said.

Zimbabwe has produced golfing sensations such as the late Charamba, Nick Price, Brendon de Jonge, Ben Follet-Smith among a host of others winning local and regional tournaments.

Source: Positive eye news

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