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Viking Hardware Distributors

Viking Hardware Distributors was started up around 12 years ago by Mr Shlomo Lepar when he saw a gap in the market for a reliable, efficient and affordable local distribution network that spans Zimbabwe, incorporating the manufacturing industry, mining, tools and hardware for the construction industry, as well as building and decorative products for the homeowner or DIY enthusiast. They’re situated at 15 Grantham Street in Belmont, Bulawayo, in 5,000 square metres of warehouse and admin space, where they have about 18 months’ worth of stock based on current market forecasts. Viking owns the premises which they have adapted and expanded over the years to accommodate their growing needs.

Their distribution network covers the whole country from Kariba to Beitbridge. They have a huge distribution network incorporating third party logistics but whenever necessary they have their own fleet of vehicles to ensure that orders can reach any part of the country within 24 hours. In addition their quoted prices are the delivered price – there’s no additional freight charges! Viking Hardware only deals in the best brands so you can be assured of top quality products and great service. All their brands are backed up with full warrantees and where applicable spares and servicing are available. All of their main brands they have exclusive distribution rights in Zimbabwe making Viking Hardware an essential part of the hardware retail business.

Viking distributes to a number of major hardware chains such as Electrosales, Steel Warehouse, BHC, N. Richards, Gain Cash and Carry, etc, but they also support and encourage smaller outlets helping to boost the national economy for small to medium scale retailers. Viking helps to develop smaller businesses and makes it fairly easy for smaller players to become distributors. Smaller outlets need only to have some experience in the retail business and display their ability to sell products and to pay for supplies.

While Viking supplies wholesale goods to most sectors of the retail hardware business they deal directly with the mining industry, thus cutting out the middleman, avoiding mark-ups, and keeping prices of plant and machinery very reasonable. Viking prides themselves on thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions for customers’ requirements. Part of Viking’s strategy is to continually work on the marketing, promotion and visibility of their products and to this end they often create a ‘store within a store’ presentation to display their products. In this way they have created massive brand awareness of their exclusive range of Ingco tools making Ingco a leader in the field for professionals, contractors and DIYers.

Ingco’s range includes power tools and accessories, air tools, hand tools, safety and measuring tools, pumps and garden tools, as well as construction tools, welding machines and generators. Viking has also helped to make Dezzi equipment the leading name in machinery and equipment for the mining industry. Dezzi supply dump trucks, back hoes, front end loaders, excavators, tractors and trailers and other related machinery, all backed up by Viking’s warrantees and spares services. Other brands in their portfolio include the ATS 2000 range of pneumatic tools, the Sando range of tools, Badger ladders and scaffolding, Jenfit compression fittings and saddles, FEHE mining supplies and Motorelli electric motors. Other brands include Q20 and DAS – Dynamic Artistic Solutions, who supply injection moulded decorative cornices. Viking are the exclusive agents for the distribution of the well-known product Q20 which is used in just about every business and household as a lubricant and rust preventer.

In a similar line Viking distribute Glue Devil adhesives, tapes and aerosols for industry and home owners. Other products related to home and décor uses includes Pro Quartz for counter tops and other applications, Novolam for boards and timber products, and the range of Stevensons Paint and Tjhoko Chalk and Paints, which are right on trend at the moment for interior design and crafting. Viking Hardware also gives back to the community supporting various charitable organisations including the association for miners with disabilities and King George VI Centre for children with disabilities, amongst others. Viking’s future plans include setting up a new large distribution centre in Harare as well as adding new names to their basket of exclusive brands, so that they supply 80% of the stock for retail hardware outlets.

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