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Trauma Training Institute: Shaping World-class First Responders

Trauma Training Institute is fully committed to training the people of Zimbabwe using community-based approaches/methodologies.

Its vision is to be the centre of excellence in producing healthcare providers who will be sought-after the world over.

We are committed to moving with the times incorporating disaster risk reduction and resilience training services.

The emphasis is on being prompt, diligent, and professional to protect and save lives, leading to the alleviation of human suffering.

Trauma Training Institute strongly believes that everyone, everywhere at any time has the potential to save lives using acquired, professional knowledge and skills.

Training provided includes Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Industrial First Aid, and Fire Marshal Training.

The Training Institute also provides experience for the trainees on the ambulances, expanding their field of expertise.
The Trauma Group Ambulance provides a professional and dedicated 24-hour service to the community.

The crews are highly qualified and experienced. They have a modern fleet fully equipped to deal with any given emergency.

Photos by Caast Media – Fotohaus


From S&D ISSUE 65

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