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The Top 10 Reasons for Tile Fixing Failures


  1. Incorrect or no expansion joints: failure to use the correct expansion joints and tiling over construction joints will make your tiles too rigid, and they will crack during movement or expansion and contraction of the building.
  2. Incorrect choice of adhesive. This is one of the most common causes of tile fixing failure that we see. See our page on Adhesives and Grout for more information.
  3. Adhesive skins before tile is bedded in. Do not allow your adhesive to dry before fixing the tiles.
  4. Contaminated background. Ensure that the surface and area that you are tiling is properly cleaned before commencing tiling.
  5. Poor or incorrect surface preparation.
  6. Poor adhesive coverage. This can result from not using the correct notched trowel, using the spot fixing method, or allowing voids behind the tiles.
  7. Unsatisfactory bed thickness. Ensure that you use the correct notched trowel when applying adhesive.
  8. Excessive movement in the substrate.
  9. Dust or loose backwash not removed from the backs of tiles. Ensure that you clean and dry the backs of tiles before laying.
  10. Incorrect mixing ratio of adhesive powder and liquid. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions, and always add the adhesive to the water to ensure a smooth mixture
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