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The Gem

The family of actuator plates with round flush buttons now has a new addition.

The new Sigma21 is available made of glass in three colours that is processed to a high quality or – in a first for Geberit – made of slate.

Among Geberit’s comprehensive range of actuator plates, there is something for everyone’s taste. Different materials, designs and colours as well as an array of different surfaces open up a wide range of possibilities for giving every bathroom the right emphasis. The launch of the Geberit actuator plate Sigma21 sees the roll-out of the highest-quality actuator plate with round buttons to date.

The design is based on that of the Sigma20. The versions made of glass (black, white or sand grey) impress thanks to a precise cut that reflects the light in sophisticated fashion. The “Mustang Slate” (Brazilian slate) version represents the first time that Geberit’s range of actuator plates features a natural material. The actuator plates are manufactured from a single piece of this fine-textured slate. Individual customer wishes can also be implemented. Geberit International AG, January 2018

PURE AESTHETICS The new actuator plate Sigma21 is available in various glass versions or made of the natural material Brazilian slate

ELEGANT CURVES Like its close relative – the plastic Geberit actuator plate Sigma20 – the glass versions of the new Sigma21 have elegantly curved flush buttons. HARMONY Thanks to the chrome-coloured rings, the flush buttons stylishly contrast with the glass cover

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