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Speedlink Cargo World Class Logistics.

As a global logistics company our major thrust is to facilitate international trade through seamless movement of cargo across borders. We offer a freight forwarding service, which includes logistical services with modern information and communication technology in connection with the carriage, handling or storage of the goods. These services can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Over the years, Speedlink Cargo as an ISO QMS certified company has continuously redefined itself in line with globally shipping customer exceptions in freight logistics.

The company’s vision is to be the first choice provider of global logistics and supply chain management solutions, and this is backed with a mission to provide world-class cargo management solutions. Speedlink has been in business for 27 years. We are a 100% Zimbabwean owned company and a member of the Shipping and Freight Forwarders Agents Association of Zimbabwe (SFAAZ). Our mission is to provide World Class Cargo Management Solutions thus we joined World Cargo Alliance (WCA), the world’s largest and most powerful network of freight forwarders.

As a member of WCA, Speedlink Cargo has unprecedented access to quality freight forwarder partners in every corner of the globe. WCA’s comprehensive global network offers huge advantages eclipsing even the world’s largest logistics multinational in terms of size and reach, allowing us to sell the world to our customers. Our product portfolio includes Customs Clearance and Customs Compliance, Freight Forwarding, Freight Logistics, Warehousing and other specialised services like Project Logistics, Mining Logistics, Medical Logistics, and Humanitarian Logistics. We have and continue to build strong experience on the above products. We are becoming known for customizing solutions to suit client requirements & situations.


As an experienced and high expertise player in the industry, backed by ISO QMS certified processes we undertake that Delivery of Customs Clearing services will be done in the shortest possible time. We run a full time Customs Compliance desk. Our team is comprehensively trained and experienced in the languages and unique Customs procedures of each specific area of operation. Established ISO QMS procedures, effective use of technology (Speedlink Regulatory Compliance Check Software, Navision system, Asycuda) and solid relationships with Customs authorities help ensure that we clear cargo on time. All documentation is managed and clearance processes are initiated before goods are in transit, which expedites cargo movement.


Our key competence perfected over the years, is for you to have the right cargo, at your doorstep, at the right time. We plan, implement and control the movement of your cargo and related processes, whilst communicating at all stages from picking up the load up to your warehouse. All we need is a copy of the order you confirmed with your supplier. We immediately track the order with the supplier, arrange for transportation and related processes whilst maintaining regular updates with you as an input for your Material Resource Planning (MRP). This takes the burden of order tracking off your Procurement / Logistics, thus allowing you time to focus on other pressing issues.


Speedlink provides niche and end to end solutions for mining supply chain addressing day–to-day operations and projects needs (inbound logistics –imports, outbound logistics– exports, reverse logistics –repair and returns) at strategic tactical and operational levels. This product has allowed Speedlink Cargo World Class Logistics. us to develop very close relationship with the Ministry of Mines, with regards to application for the specific mining dispensations as provided by the Government of Zimbabwe.


Speedlink has the requisite knowledge and expertise to provide all the logistics services of any project, which includes handling your shipment from source with the added bonus of local expertise. Speedlink will deliver solutions at all stages of any project from the warehouse of your supplier up to the designated job site. As certified members of the internationally recognized WCA projects, we combine project experience and expertise with our position in multi- modal transportation and forwarding to offer this specialised service through a single source. All WCA Projects Network partners including Speedlink Cargo have been selected for their ability and experience in providing vendor value-added services and on-the-spot problem solving with cost-effective solutions from project mobilisation all the way through to project completion.

We have a proven track record in commercial, military and/or government projectrelated activity and demonstrate a complete commitment to providing clients and fellow partners with an excellence of service in order to meet critical deadlines. Any project movement demands top-class logistics provider/freight forwarder input. You need reliability, expertise and personal attention. Whatever the cargo, large or small, local or the other side of the world, it’s too valuable to be left to chance.


Speedlink cargo as an ISO QMS certified company will, in all professional matters, act as a faithful adviser to our clients. We offer advice on Customs tariff quotas, classification, valuation, rebates, and refunds and on relevant trade pacts like (SADC, COMESA) among may other relevant issues, which may arise from time to time. We provide information and consultation on the introduction of new laws governing the interchange of goods among the various countries. We go beyond the normal customs clearing function by representing our clients in tariff disputes, legal interpretation of customs legislation including rebates, suspension of duty, drawback of duty and preferential rates of duty due to various bilateral and multi – lateral agreements

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