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Roller Shutter Door

One of the most versatile and commonly used door types. The roller door is a door that opens and closes vertically with the door curtain rolling up onto a barrel situated at the top of a pair of guides in which the door curtain travels in. A roller door is either lifted using a manual operation with spring and gearing assistance or electrically operated using various single and three phase electric motor drive options.

A roller door curtain can be a continuous sheet of steel or more frequently is a curtain constructed from many small horizontal lath sections. These lath sections can vary from very small, flat faced aluminium sections through to much larger double skinned and foam filled insulated slats. This diversity in the curtain makes the roller door ideal for so many applications, small or large.

The roller shutter door is very often confused in architects drawings and references with the sectional overhead door but the differences are great so it is important to be specific. Ideal for almost any application where there is sufficient headroom internally to accommodate the curtain roll. Materials and motor drive technology means far greater options now available for the door opening speed and the controls and safety on these doors.

APPLICATIONS Roller shutters have many applications including doors for vans, garages, kitchens, schools, prisons and warehouses. In some parts of the world, roller shutters are subsidized by local governments. In areas that are frequently exposed to inclement weather, roller shutters are used as a method of insulation, can protect windows against hail damage, and can be made to withstand high wind. Built-on roller shutter door Describes the type where the roller shutter box is fixed to the exterior of the building facade.

Built-in roller shutter doors Where the roller shutter box is built into the lintel above the window. Integrated roller shutter A roller shutter and window combined as a single unit. Roller shutter with tilting louvres A roller shutter with laths that tilt, similar to an external venetian blind. Manual With gear drive from the shutter roller traced through the building facade to a universal joint on the room side that is operated by a cranked winding handle.

Manual tape A tape drive around a flange on the roller is traced through the building facade with pulley guides to an inertia reel on the room side.Motorized / Electric With a tubular motor fitted within the roller axle tube. Automatic operation can be added. Controlled with a smartphone, remote or hardwired switch

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