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PPC Zimbabwe : From cement to a home

PPC has been building Zimbabwe for 104 years, supplying building materials and solutions for every project, from start to finish. This year, PPC Zimbabwe was a proud exhibitor at the Harare Agricultural Show, demonstrating the Home EcoKit under the theme “From Cement to A Home”, in line with this year’s Zimbabwe Agricultural Show theme “From Seed to Food”. PPC is passionate about developing African infrastructure and people, and espouses the ethos “Strength Beyond the Bag”- going beyond the production of cement to add value to every aspect of the customer’s experience.

The Home EcoKit on exhibition was a low-cost 2-bedroomed house, and the exhibition invited members of the public to interact and understand the budget home. Many Zimbabweans are building homes, and seek to do so in a productive and cost-effective way. One important way that PPC has been educating Zimbabweans is concerning the critical importance of using high-quality cement. Many people cut corners when building by using sub-standard cement; however the consequences of doing this are always evident, including buildings of poor structural integrity.

When investing in the future by building a home, it is critical to balance a financially savvy approach with the use of high-quality inputs. PPC Zimbabwe used the Harare Agricultural Show as a platform to continue to demonstrate what goes into building a house to the public, and what to be aware of when embarking on a construction project- especially within a market where every dollar counts. To help one lucky winner from cement to affordable housing, PPC Zimbabwe was proud to contribute to a fantastic prize: one lucky winner received sufficient concrete bricks as well as 80 bags of cement to go towards the building of their own EcoKit low cost home.

As PPC Zimbabwe continues to evolve, it has also launched local social media platforms to engage with members of the public. Connect with PPC Zimbabwe on Facebook and Twitter- @PPCZimbabwe

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