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PPC Harare Factory commissioned by the President

ON 16th March 2017 the PPC Harare Factory was commissioned by His Excellency, President R.G. Mugabe. PPC Zimbabwe has a heritage of over one hundred years in Zimbabwe, and a track record for providing innovative building materials and solutions that cater to the needs of every construction project, from start to finish. With a range of industry-first, premium products as part of its offering, PPC Zimbabwe has launched an exciting product to continue to add value to customers: Surecast 42.5R- a superior, fast-setting cement that caters to a growing market demand. The launch of Surecast 42.5R is consistent with PPC Zimbabwe’s unshakeable efforts to continuously innovate, and Surecast 42.5R is the first and only 42.5R product that is locally manufactured in Zimbabwe. Surecast 42.5R was officially launched at the commissioning.

PPC remains the brand of choice, due to the unparalleled quality of its products, as well as its commitment to provide customers with “Strength Beyond the Bag” through products and services that add value to every aspect of the customer experience. As the sole manufacturer in Zimbabwe that incorporates bulk-handling and palletising technology in world-class facilities, with shrink wrapping and transportation services available to customers, PPC creates value by saving its customers’ time and resources.

Surecast 42.5R upholds this commitment to offering value beyond the high-quality cement itself: the fast-setting cement translates to a greater amount of work on-site achieved in less time, shortening the amount of time projects take and ultimately saving money. Surecast 42.5R is a welcome innovation from all angles pertaining to construction projects. Pre-casters are impressed by the increase in early strength, the increased flexibility in mix designs, and the way the product allows them to strip moulds earlier. Brick manufacturers notice an increase in yield of bricks, which ultimately results in a lowered cost per brick. There is also an increase in early strength, and improved handling for bricks.

Surecast 42.5R also positively impacts readymix, through an increase in compressive strength and a reduction in concrete cost. The product also allows freedom to design both high performance concrete and standard cement. Medium and large contractors see the benefit of working with Surecast 42.5R through faster completion of products, better strength development, as well as fast stripping of formwork. PPC Zimbabwe prides itself on attention to detail in all aspects of product quality and service, and continuous evolution to remain aligned with international best practices.

The new PPC Harare Factory has been built to global standards, with customers in mind, and aligned with global emissions standards to help PPC achieve its vision to create positive outcomes for the environment, longterm. “Strength Beyond the Bag” represents PPC’s commitment to championing a genuine partnership and an ongoing relationship with customers and partners, and Surecast 42.5R is PPC’s latest introduction as a customer-centric organisation. Text and Images: Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants


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