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Polystyrene blocks are used as building materials

Polystyrene blocks are used in construction as permanent insulation in buildings. The blocks are energy efficient and ensure optimal insulation not only for walls of buildings, but also the roofs and even floors. The polystyrene blocks are stacked and then the forms are filled with concrete. Building with blocks is a lot like building with the toy blocks.

Once in place the blocks are used to give structure. As soon as the concrete is casted in the blocks, stability is gained. Rebars are placed in the foam blocks before the concrete is casted. The steel bars are used for reinforcement of the structure. A specific method is used for the filling of the polystyrene blocks to prevent overflow or too much expansion. Once the concrete has become firmer, the units can be left in the exact spot.

As such the foam structures are used as empty bricks and then filled with concrete. The polystyrene is not removed afterwards simply because the material forms a sound insulation as well as act as thermal insulation. Electrical wiring and plumbing pipes can be inserted in the polystyrene. This ensures quicker installation of electricity and plumbing pipes in a building. With the interlocking polystyrene block system an exceptionally strong, yet, well insulated building can be constructed faster than is possible with the normal brick and mortar method. The steel connectors ensure flexible reinforcement of the structure.

Construction with polystyrene blocks as shells filled with concrete holds several benefits including:

  • Extremely strong structure.
  • Completed buildings are energy efficient as less heat escapes.
  • Ensures lower sound emission from activities in a building.
  • Fire safe materials ensure safer buildings.
  • Environmentally friendly and clean method of construction.
  • Show high wind resistance.
  • Mould and insect infestations are eliminated.
  • Recycled materials can be used to minimize the environmental footprint.
  • Minimizes the risk of leakages.
  • Long lifespan.
  • The foam structures can be recycled.

Improved comfort with minimal air leakage.

  • Increases the sales value of a home or building.

No rotting because of damp weather.

  • Significant building management savings in terms of heat, airflow, and fire safety.
  • Since rotting is not a problem, basements can be constructed with the use of the blocks filled with concrete and rebars.

Cost and time savings are two of the most important considerations in the building industry. When building with block system it is possible to save on labour, time taken to complete the project and the overall construction costs. The long term benefits of energy saving cannot be overstated. Environmental regulations will become stricter in future and by building with polystyrene blocks, companies can ensure that their buildings will meet environmental regulation requirements for sound pollution, energy saving, and recycle value of the materials used. P

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