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ORAC PAVERS Setting New Boundaries In The Construction Industry In Zimbabwe

THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY has revolved over the past decade. A lot has changed and it seems nothing is now impossible with a variety of new and inspirational structural forms. Technology has elevated construction techniques to the extent that homeowners can now get a feel of what their house will look like before a single brick is laid. New innovations in building techniques came through but there were few developments in paving and outdoor finishes. Given all these changes and developments, what never changed was PAVING! Most new buildings have traditional pavers and finishes which don’t reflect the new design trends. This is where the story of Orac Pavers originated.

Orac Pavers is a subsidiary of Orac Systems, an engineering company that was incorporated in May 2003. Orac Precast Concrete Products is a branch of Orac Systems which, as the name suggests, mainly deals with precast concrete products. Their product range can be seen at their plant in Bluffhill, Westgate. They started production in 2007, mainly focusing on walling panels, stepping stones, and other concrete furniture. The Orac Pavers product range now includes industrial, domestic, and commercial paving. Their new products, including their now well-known 3D designs, were first introduced to the Zimbabwean market in 2017.

Consumers now shop around more these days for what they really want for pavers, wall cladding, and other outdoor and exterior décor and they are becoming more discriminating and demanding.

The new innovations are a response to the demand in the construction industry for better quality and better-designed products. It was from this premise that Orac Pavers was established, being the first company to set up a production plant for modern pavers in Zimbabwe. They introduced their now renowned 3D pavers and other various modern paver types. The 3D pavers are unique and offer customers a special design solution.

Industry In Zimbabwe To date, they have sold to over 5000 customers across Zimbabwe and have over 4500 successful project completions. The 3D Pavers are a unique high-end product for clients who desire top-end finish for their projects.

Why Orac Pavers, than any other ordinary paver on the market,

  • The premium design is definitely one of a kind and would last a lifetime
  • The strength of paver is manufactured with a tile or ceramic finish which is stronger and more durable.
  • The paver is 60mm thick more than the ordinary 50 mm thick pavers that are on the market, and these are suitable for domestic and commercial use.
  • The paver maintains its color for the lifetime of the product
  • It is a lifestyle product – something that you would need to use if you want to make a statement.
  • Increase the value of your property. Property developers, realtors, and other players in the property market know that good finishes and fittings draw of an upmarket clientele. Orac Pavers offers up to 25 different paving varieties that can suit different tastes and these are suitable for driveways, patios, sitting areas, pools surroundings, and other garden setups.

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