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New Head Office for Steelmate Investments

Steelmate Investments recently opened their brand new – and very smart – distribution centre in Willowvale. The company started out in 2015 and in just 5 years has become a leader in the field of steel distribution. Steelmate Investments is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company led by Mr Clive Chisenye and Mr Edmond Chiduro who between them have more than 20 years of shared experience in the steel retailing business. Their first outlet was situated at Gate no 8, Magaba Home Industries in Mbare.

It proved so successful that they opened a second branch, also in Mbare, at 1 Esterman Place, Magaba. Initially supplying steel products to the home industries, through friendly service, sound technical advice for their customers, and the most competitive prices, Steelmate Investments soon became the preferred steel suppliers for a wide and diverse customer base. Their clients now include consumers from various sectors of the economy including the agricultural sector, mining, engineering, manufacturing, construction and even other steel retailers.

However, at all their branches, they continue to supply smaller quantities for individual customers. Steelmate Investments pride themselves on the fact that for them no order is too small or too big, and every customer receives the best possible service. As their client base grew the Mbare branches soon became too small to service all their prospective customers. In addition, access for bigger delivery and collection trucks proved to be a little challenging and awkward. So the decision was made to expand the business yet again and open a third branch in Willowvale at 346 Affirmative Way. The Willowvale branch is conveniently situated close to a number of major industries, access is easier for deliveries and collections, and there is more warehouse space enabling Steelmate to house and distribute a wider range of stock.

The new premises were designed by local architect Brian Malunga and custom made to suit their needs. Construction was relatively quick, starting towards the end and 2019, and despite the delays caused by the Corona pandemic, Steelmate opened the doors of their venue on 1st June this year. The buildings basically form an L-shape with a generous paved forecourt providing covered parking for customers and enough space for bigger vehicles to easily access the warehouse. industrial profile The parking area is protected from the street by a palisade fence and a guarded gate so it’s very secure.

The longer arm of the L-shape consists of the warehouse section while the shorter arm, which is a double storey structure, provides the sales, administration and management offices. The exterior of the office block is painted a dark steel grey colour similar to the Chromadek cladding on the warehouse which helps the two structures to look more unified. The doorways and the windows on the office block have a bright orange frame around them which echoes the Steelmate logo and gives the building a crisp, modern look. There’s a small balcony which extends out from the first floor and provides shelter and covering over the entrance to the sales department.

Apart from selling steel Steelmate offers customers expert advice on what materials are best suited for their particular job, ensuring that you always get the right product, whether for engineering, manufacturing or construction. The future certainly looks bright for Steelmate Investments! To contact the Head

Office: Visit: 346 Affirmative Way, Willowvale, Harare


Landline: 0242 611802/03 Cellphone: 0788 930 556-56

text by Michael Nott
photos by Structure and Design

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