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Milton park medical Centre

After two years in the planning stage and two years of construction the prestigious new Milton Park Medical Centre (MPMC) is scheduled to open in August. The MPMC is unique in that the design was a close collaboration between the developers (YZ Holdings Pvt Ltd.) and the Medical Specialists and staff who will be working on the premises, so it’s been tailor made to suit both the doctors and the patients. The MPMC has been constructed on a former residential site in Milton Park conveniently situated close to a number of other medical and diagnostic facilities. The old house on site was demolished to allow for a purpose built medical facility as opposed to making alterations to an existing building.

The MPMC has been designed to offer patients the most up to date medical facilities as well as comfort and convenience in well-appointed and tastefully decorated surroundings. In fact, the main reception area and waiting area are more like the entrance to an up-market spa than a hospital. The main reception and waiting areas feature a marble topped desk, stylish and comfortable chairs and a coffee shop. The coffee shop has mosaic topped, café style tables and a decorative wall panel clad in a selection of different local hardwood timbers. The reception area was designed by Andrew Connolly who is responsible for many other structural, design and décor decisions.

Connolly is the CEO of YZ Holdings – the main investor and developer, and he also took on the role of project manager during both the construction phase and the final finishing details. Design of the specialist medical areas and equipment specification and installation was achieved in collaboration with Mr Alban Bowers and Ms Rachel Lavers Connolly designed and built the custom made steel and timber staircase leading from the ground floor reception area up to the first floor.

MPMC is one of the only hospital facilities in the country that offers patients a menu to choose their meals from. All the food is prepared by hotel standard chefs in the hospital’s well equipped kitchens. Most dietary preferences can be accommodated including Halaal and Kosher meals and food tailored to meet the requirements of people with allergies or intolerance to certain food groups. Patients can choose to be accommodated in semi-private small wards or private rooms if necessary. All the wards have large windows allowing in loads of natural light from the outside, or from the interior courtyard.

Minaco Zimbabwe is part of a large group of companies based in South Africa and owned by Finstone AG, a com[1]pany that has been engaged with natural stone for almost half a century. Currently Minaco has several major projects which include the Milton Park Medical Centre and the Ruwa Country Club townhouse development, where they provided advice, direction and a wide range of breathtaking materials from around the world. Other than major projects like the Milton Park Medical Centre and Meikles Hotel which was refurbished in 2013, Minaco will also provide the same level of attention to detail when it comes to your home.

Their team of dedicated personnel provide bespoke design, the highest quality granite, and impeccable craftsmanship. Minaco has satis­ed many discerning clients around Harare, their experience and design ‑air has enhanced many residential and commercial properties. Their speciality lies with selected boutique projects, providing unparalleled quality and style. The group owns a granite cutting plant based in Ruwa and imports a large variety of granite and engineered quartz stone from all over the globe.

Some of the ground floor rooms have small enclosed areas so patients can enjoy being outside in the fresh air and sunlight if they wish. There are 8 wards in total with two and three bed layouts accommodating a total of 22 inpatients and 8 outpatients. The wards have attractive bathrooms with high-end finishes and fittings so patients can feel just a little pampered while on the way to recovery. All the beds are fully adjustable for maximum comfort and each patient has their own flat screen TV with a wide choice of programmes to choose from, as well as internet access. Each semi[1]private ward has a dedicated nurse station with well trained staff in attendance at all times. The hospital is focused mainly on elective Orthopaedic Surgery with additional facilities for General Neurosurgical, Gynaecological, Urosurgical and Plastic Surgery. There is no trauma or emergency facility so patients can be booked in well in advance and assured of the best attention at all times.

The staff has been well provided for with a small coffee lounge/kitchenette, and adequate changing rooms and showers, all of which help to alleviate the stress of working long hours. On the first floor there are also administrative offices, medical consulting rooms and a boardroom for meetings and staff training. The Medical Centre has a total of three operating theatres, including one for minor procedures and two for major operations. All three theatres have the most modern, up to date equipment sourced from major suppliers around the world.

Each theatre has its own laminar flow air-conditioning with hepa bacterial filters to ensure that the air is kept sterile and at the correct temperature, pressure and humidity levels. The hospital also has its own autoclave and plasma sterilising unit for surgical and other equipment. Both doctors and patients will benefit from the hospital’s internal internet system which will allow digital access to online radiology, laboratory tests and conferencing. There is also an on[1]site dispensing pharmacy for patients’ convenience.

Mr Bowers, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, will consult and operate at the MPMC although there will be other surgical specialists working in the Medical Centre. Administration of the MPMC will be run by Ms Rachel Lavers who is highly qualified and has many years of experience in the UK in hospital management. Although the area usually has reliable supplies of electricity and water the Medical Centre has catered for all contingencies. They have commissioned a new, more modern and reliable sub-station and they have suitable generator capacity for any emergencies. Electrical work carried out by Berthwin (Nobert Dengu).

They have a borehole to supply their needs should the council water supply be interrupted and they also have the capacity to store up to 50,000 litres of water in a series of tanks which can be fed into the Centre’s water supply system. All the water for the Centre is filtered by the most advanced reverse osmosis process. The water pumping systems were supplied by Driptech. The successful completion of the Milton Park Medical Centre has been made possible by a number of local suppliers and service providers.

Mr Douglas Mutanga was the architect of record who saw the plans through the process of council approval, and Mr Nyabasa from Chebasa Contractors was the main contractor for the brick, concrete and steel elements under the watchful eye of the Structural Engineer Donald Satande, including the rather complicated foundations and footings which were required. City Glass (featured in this issue) supplied the exterior glass as well as the frosted glass partitions for the bathrooms, while Halsted supplied the sanitary ware and fittings. Lupane Timbers manufactured the custom made wooden doors – both the sliding doors and the hinged doors – and Revolta’s Roots supplied wooden furniture and fittings. Lighting World and Lemonseed met the Centre’s lighting needs, both practical and decorative. Coffee and garden furniture was supplied by Ingrid Tucker. Artwork was supplied by well-known local artist Pearl Thompson, and photographer Tim Marks while Collern Kotokwa was commissioned to create the Zimbabwe Bird sculptures which adorn the gates. On the exit gates he created the traditional version of the Zimbabwe Birds while the Birds on the entrance gate are more abstract. The traditional and the abstract represent the coming together of the old and the new – a fitting symbol for the MPMC.

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