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Making a statement in stone

When it comes to premium stone, Minaco has been supplying Zimbabweans for more than 20 years. Minaco has cemented itself as the most prestigious supplier of both imported and locally processed stone in Zimbabwe.

Minaco has engaged in supplying and fabricating both natural and engineered stone for both commercial and residential projects such as the Meikles Hotel refurbishment, the new Zimoco showroom, Chisipite Senior School
and Milton Park Medical Centre; where excellence, quality and perfection were required.

Minaco is part of a large group of companies based in South Africa and owned by Finstone AG, a company that has been involved with natural stone for more than half a century.

The group owns a granite cutting plant based in Ruwa and imports a large variety of natural and engineered stone. Having well established networks all over the globe, it imports some of the most rare and highly sought after stone for all projects.

With the most experienced team of dedicated personnel in the country, excellence translates to the final product. Minaco’s aim is to ensure that your vision becomes a reality, bringing your imagination to life through meticulous attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship.

From: S&D ISSUE 62

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