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Lotus Auto Tech is the specialist auto trade technicians, professional engine re-builders and motor parts distributors in Zimbabwe. They have built unmatched flexibility and reliability in Zimbabwe’s competitive automotive engineering sector and are unlikely to relinquish that market position any sooner!

Situated at number 22 Kaguvi Street, in Harare and at number 694 industrial road Masvingo, they have always been a trusted provider of high-quality services. On offer are services such as cylinder head reconditioning, block re-sleeving, crankshaft grinding, line boring, con-rod standardizing, cylinder head pressure testing and skimming. With over three decades of excellence in the automotive industry, Lotus Auto Tech has earned an enviable position comparable to none other in Zimbabwe.

“We always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through offering unique services such as cylinder head hot pressure testing, unlike any other company. We offer a one-stop shop facility under one roof to our customers’ convenience.

We also collect and deliver jobs timeously. In meeting quality standards we have acquired an advanced washing machine to clean our customers’ products,” commented Hamilton Chingwanga, Lotus Auto Tech Marketing Manager.

They believe in competitive pricing in accordance to the dynamics of the marketing environment. This is backed by advanced machinery and highly skilled manpower. Lotus Auto Tech’s motto is anchored on quick turnaround as well as providing quality services to its customers always. Goodwill is enhanced through offering free technical support to all its customers.

Vast experience and expertise have enabled specialization in all types of engines, both new and old models, unlike any other competitor in Zimbabwe.

Thorough performance modifications are carried out to engines to enhance power and efficiency such as block re-boring to the next size to use oversized pistons (rebore to 0.20 thousandths, 0.30 thousandths, 0.40 thousandths). Servicing of all types of engine components is done but not limited to locomotives, boats, forklifts, mining equipment and agricultural equipment.

To ensure quality and longevity in all engine rebuilds, they employ routine quality checks in all sections before  all the engine components are dispatched. Quality controllers man all checkpoints and are conversant with their line
of operations. A dedicated and experienced workshop manager has the mandate of doing final quality checks and inspections before the engine and engine components are dispatched.

After sales services are always carried out through field officers to hear customer feedback about the performance of the serviced engines.

With their meticulous approach to engine rebuild jobs, their reputation is rising and is the cornerstone of their retention of most of their large and growing client base. World-class standard procedures in an automotive machine shop specialising in reconditioning and servicing engine parts are essential in ensuring quality workmanship, efficiency and customer satisfaction. The robust engine rebuilding process begins by initial inspection. All engine parts brought in for reconditioning must be inspected thoroughly to check for any damages, wear and tear, cracks or other defects that may affect performance.

The initial condition of each part is then documented. Then carefully disassemble the engine parts following the manufacturer’s guidelines and using appropriate tools. Taking note of the order of components and their positions to ensure correct reassemble later.

All engine parts must be thoroughly cleaned using specialised equipment and automotive approved cleaning agents.

Remove any dirt, grease, rust or other contaminants that can impact the reconditioning process.

Magnaflax or ultrasonic testing must be conducted in order to detect any crack or defects that might not be visible to the naked eye. Then identify any potential areas of concern.

State-of-the-art precision machining tools are utilized to recondition the engine parts based on their requirements. Cylinder heads may require valve seat and guide replacement, resurfacing of mating surfaces or injector hole modification. Cylinder blocks may need boring, honing or line boring. Crankshafts could require grinding, polishing, crack test or balancing.

Quality control measures must be conducted through out the entire reconditioning process. Inspect each machined part for dimensional accuracy, surface finish and proper tolerances. Calibrated measuring instruments are used to ensure compliance with specifications.

Final inspection must be conducted to verify that all engine components are correctly assembled, machined and meet the required specifications. Any discrepancies or issues are then immediately attended to.

Testing of the reconditioned components is mandatory in order to verify their functionality, endurance and performance to ensure that they meet or exceed industrial standards.

All engine parts must be thoroughly cleaned and packaged properly before delivery. This is done to avoid any damage during transportation. Labelling of all engine parts must be done properly as well. Adhering to strict packaging and handling guidelines to maintain the quality of the reconditioned components.

Comprehensive documentation and customer feedback must be conducted throughout the entire process, sometimes including before and after photos, measurements, test results and customer specific requirements. Seeking customer feedback throughout the process, so as to continuously improve quality and services.

Any automotive machine shop specialising in reconditioning and servicing engine parts can consistently deliver high quality precision engineered components that meet the demands of both individual customers and industry standards if it employs these world class standards procedures.

The company boasts a team of certified automotive technicians who assist
in augmenting the firm’s expertise and experience base. Furthermore, they are proud of their research and development since there are constant changes in the world of technology. The company also invests regularly in training.

Core values and principles guide them in ensuring customer satisfaction through feedback. They operate with a zero-tolerance attitude to jobs that are returned due to client dissatisfaction. This is achieved through employing a stringent quality culture.

“Our vision is centred on thriving to be the best automotive engineering company in Zimbabwe and wherever they are called for work in Africa. We want to be the centre of new inventions in automotive technology. We achieve this through acquiring advanced machines,” said the marketing manager.

Lotus Auto Tech’s advice to all aspiring automotive technicians or entrepreneurs is to “Be constantly in touch with the current and dynamic automotive technology for you to be marketable and survive growing competition in this industry. This is done through employing or acquiring new technology and machines.”

Text by Martin Chemhere

From: S&D ISSUE 63

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