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Karand Architectural Group Proposes JEY Park Pedestrian Bridge & Viewpoint In Tehran, Iran

Commissioned by Tehran municipality, Karand architectural group designed a viewpoint and pedestrian-bicycle bridge in a former military field in district 9 of Tehran, Iran.  The first step of this project was to study the design experiences of urban viewpoints, observation towers and pedestrian bridges in terms of their role, design objectives and functions in city as urban spaces.

Following the analysis of successful and unsuccessful practical experiences, and based on the design standards, set of criteria and principles for designing urban viewpoints and pedestrian-bike bridges were suggested.

The next step was data analysis and developing a schematic design for the case study. The proposed design plan combines two elements: a pedestrian-bike bridge and a viewpoint.  Located on Hormozgan street, the curved 236-meter bridge will connect two parks (Chenaran park in the east and Jey park in the west). Its shared path for pedestrians and bicycles is 5 meters wide.

This bike path is part of the network of bike paths in the district. The bridge will have direct access to the viewpoint in the middle.

The 35 meters above the ground spiraling observation tower will offer 360-degree panoramic views across the surrounding neighborhoods, especially the two parks. Featuring beside the bridge, the observation tower will provide a new perspective and immersive experience from within and above the trees and city. As the paths in the bridge and viewpoint are continuous ramps, appropriate for pedestrians and bicycle movement, the bridge and viewpoint will be inclusive and accessible for all users. At the lowest level of the viewpoint and on the ground level, there are commercial units. One of the main functions of these units is increasing vitality and security in the space by providing natural surveillance.

The design proposal has a minimal impact on the natural elements of the parks, and the selection of the project’s location was based on future development in the access network, altitude zone of Mehrabad airport, and location of the trees in Chenaran and Jey parks.

Finally, there is an emphasis on the handrails’ red color and the spiral form in lighting. This project will be an attractive place and a great destination for people to walk, cycle, and interact.

Project facts

Location: Tehran, Iran

Date: 2021

Size: 3850 m2

Status: Designed

Client: Tehran Municipality


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