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G&T Scales

Weighing is fundamental to almost every business. We have vast solutions for the construction sector these include supplying and servicing of electronic weighbridges, platform scales etc. These scales helps in checking and assuring accuracy of measurable quantities required to accomplish desired goals and at the same time promoting an effective use of resources. Our weighbridges include movable weighbridges these are portable and can be moved place to place depending on the nature of work required.

G&T Scales offer a variety of platform scales also helping in quantifying bricks, cement, river sand, concrete mixture etc. The accurate measure of these ensures proper implementation of project’s budget and other resources. We are here to provide you with all the needs required to improve your business deliverables. Deck scales can be fixed or movable with an indicator showing all readings with required preciseness.G&T Scales have a robust IT Services Unit that links your scaling results to computer system for future use and reference. This ensures that all your readings are readily available and retrievable at any point from anywhere.

G&T Scales Services does not only focus on construction or heavy industry scales rather we work with a number of sectors developing weighing-based solutions. Our product range includes high accuracy Micro-weighing Scales for laboratories and even jewellery, Electronic Weighing Machines, Manual Weighing Scales, Table-top Weighing Scales, Bench Scales, Platform Weighing Scales, Trolley Scales, Hanging Scales, Crane Scales, Thermal Printing Stationery, Labels, and Shelf Talkers etc. These scales can be used in various sectors to produce accurate quantified measures.

G & T Scales Services was established in 2004 and since then has trained competent technicians capable of calibrating, maintaining, and repairing scales to the customer’s satisfaction. Our experienced scales technicians are highly skilled and they quickly identify and solve scale equipment problems. We have managed to do much work across Zimbabwe targeting a number of industries including Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction, Mining and Aggregates, Chemical Industries, Transportation, Food & Beverages etc

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