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Expanded polystyrene cornice… the advantages

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) cornice, an alternative to plaster cornice, has been around for a few years now. It’s gaining in popularity with property developers and DIY home owners alike, this due to EPS’s marvellous properties which make it easy to install and cheaper to install too! So what are the properties of EPS, or Kaylite (its common name in Zimbabwe) that make is so desirable: – Light weight – Contracts and expands with walls – Fire retardant – Insulating – Recyclable – Cost effective – Easy to Install EPS cornice is light weight and flexible ensuring ease of transport to site and ease of handling on site.

Simply cut the cornice to the required lengths using a sharp blade and install using miniscule amount of cornice glue – approx. 20-30 grams of cornice glue per 2.4m length. This quick drying glue has been formulated specifically for use with EPS cornice. There is no need to use nails or other speciality application devices. Because very little experience is needed to install EPS cornice, you can do it yourself, ensuring that it is a cost effective alternative to conventional plaster options. EPS cornice is either moulded or cut so is available in many different patterns and sizes. It can also be tailor made, thus ensuring unique finishes for the discerning client.

Kaylite King is a Zimbabwean success story having survived the economic ups and downs for nearly 70 years. The company is currently undergoing a factory upgrade to ensure all Kaylite cornice, ceilings, expansion joints and sheeting is readily available to local industry. Their Kaylite cornice is the preferred product for construction companies in the know. KW Construction, based in Harare, is one of construction companies, using Kaylite cornice to add the finishing touches to beautifully built housing developments in Harare and Vic Falls. Look out for Kaylite King EPS products in-store or contact them directly: 40 Douglas Drive, Workington, Harare Tel: 0779232922

Written by: Carey-Ann Brown

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