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SolarCity offers a variety of solar power systems to fit your needs and budget. They can help you escape the challenges of load-shedding with a system that powers lights, refrigerators, entertainment systems, and even boreholes. Their systems range from 3 kVA to 10 kW and include all the necessary equipment, like inverters, batteries, solar panels, and protection kits. The solar solutions company can also customise a package to fit your specific needs. They offer free smart geyser controllers with 3-kw systems to help you manage your hot water usage.

In addition to solar panels, they stock a variety of solar equipment, including inverters, batteries, and geyser controllers. They are committed to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions for homes and businesses alike. If you are tired of power cuts, they can help you take control with a solar system that will make you forget about load-shedding. Their solar systems are professionally installed and guaranteed to work. They are also cost-effective and come with a free flood light.

SolarCity offers a variety of batteries, including the Giter G2500, which is perfect for small to medium-sized homes.

They also sell the Kodak solar off-grid inverter, which is ideal for homes that want to go completely off the grid.

Their solar systems are not just other solar systems; they are a declaration of independence. A rebellion against the struggle of blackouts and a love letter to clean and sustainable energy. They transform homes and businesses with sustainable solutions! Whether you are a home owner, business owner, or contractor, they welcome all and help them take a step towards a more sustainable future.

They proudly continue to deliver professional and quality-guaranteed installations, bringing renewable energy solutions that work.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, SolarCity can help you switch to solar power and enjoy the benefits of clean, reliable energy.

Get in touch with Solar City at 0718069228 or 0773205279, or email us at sales@ Or visit them at stand number 22, Rhodesville Avenue, Eastlea, Harare

Text by Martin Chemhere
Photos by Caast Media – Fotohaus

From S&D ISSUE 65

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