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Electrosales taps into Zvishavane market with new branch

Zvishavane is a developing town in Zimbabwe’s mineral-rich Midlands Province. Originally known as Shabani until 1983, it is located 97 kms west of Masvingo, on the main Bulawayo-Masvingo Road. Other roads lead from Zvishavane to Gweru, 121 kms north, and Mberengwa, 27 kms south-west. Home to many businesses which contribute to its local economy, it serves as a commercial and agricultural hub for the Zvishavane District and surrounding areas.

The town is well known for its beauty and scenery, with lush green vegetation in the surrounding hills and low-lying valleys. It has several tourist attractions and serves as an important hub for agricultural activities such as cattle farming, crop cultivation (maize, sorghum and wheat), and horticulture. Several industries also operate in Zvishavane such as light engineering works, a foundry, furniture, manufacturing companies and construction firms.

For Electrosales, the leading hardware provider in Zimbabwe, selecting Zvishavane for their latest store, is a testament to the potential of the town to support big-name retail businesses. The new store carries on with Electrosales’ vibrant and cutting-edge approach to building and home improvement solutions.

Located at 230 Kandodo off Bulawayo Road, the new branch boasts 5000 quality lines suited for all domestic and commercial needs in the area including painting, plumbing, electrical, solar, building, cabling, power tools, outdoor and automotive. The new store takes the total number of Electrosales branches to 22 nationwide.

The building contractor, Total Property Solutions, is proud to be associated with the growth of Electrosales. They said that the building was completed in June, following 5 months of construction on a 6056 square metre plot. The custom-built building is 1740sqm, with a retail space 1691sqm and the 81 parking bays inside the property, ensure vehicles are secure.

“We incorporated green building elements such as natural lighting, seamless boundary walls, and self-ventilation, among others. Also notable is the building’s disability-friendliness, with ramps on the entrance and exit ways having been erected. There are no steps on ablution facilities making them easy access,” said Matt Munro, Total Property Solutions CEO. An energy efficient solar system has also been installed.

The new Electrosales store is a welcome addition to Zvishavane and is sure to meet the needs of the community for hardware and building supplies. With its convenient features and wide range of products, the store is poised to become a leading retailer in the region. The store’s Branch Manager, Tendai Kanyayi, reveals that “the response to the new store has been good so far and that the future is promising.”

With its strong economy, strategic location, and abundance of natural resources, Zvishavane is well-positioned for continued growth in the years to come.

Text by Martin Chemhere and Perry Kaande

Images by Fotohaus

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