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Dan’s Furniture Group – bespoke quality furniture for homes, schools and offices

Dan’s Furniture Group evolved from Dan’s Design which was started in 2000 and duly registered in 2002. The first set up specialized in repairing of educational furniture such as chairs and desks for learning institutions. The business revolved from being a repair and maintenance focused into furniture broking, This entailed looking for sales orders and approaching manufacturers to fulfil the orders. The company would make a margin on the differential between the sales order and the invoice issued by the furniture manufacturer. In 2010 Dan’s Design Group started operating as a manufacturing company with the sole aim of serving the clientele that had been created over a long period. Dan’s Designs specialized in creating kitchen built in cupboards.

Dan’s Design paved the way for Dan’s Furniture Group the company which was duly registered towards the end of 2014. The change in names was necessitated by the need to properly formalize operations. The company that is currently operating, Dan’s Furniture Group therefore inherited assets from Dan’s Designs. These changes did not entail any changes to the shareholding structure. The company is wholly owned by Daniel Makokoro. The company was formed and is still managed by Daniel Makokoro, a thirty four year old, entrepreneur. Daniel obtained a Bookkeeping qualification before venturing into the business world. He has been in the furniture business for the past fifteen years. Having operated the company for the past fifteen years, Daniel has decided to raise the bar by setting up a company that can outlive him. This entails doing the right things, setting up the proper systems and putting in place a board that will have unfettered oversight role. Daniel is therefore in the process of putting in place structures that can assist Dan’s Furniture Group to operate sustainably.

OUR VISION To provide the most sought after products in the furniture industry in Zimbabwe and beyond our borders. With our vision to seek out opportunities and focus on quality products across the furniture industry, we have set ourselves important and far reaching objective to expand into the new and unfamiliar markets. It has taken perseverance and tenacity to survive through the stormy times.

We have used the storms to lift us above the clouds and view a landscape of great possibilities. With the wind behind us, we will continue with dedication and commitment to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of all types of furniture across the African continent. There comes a moment when the eagle knows instantly that it is time to fly , for a long period it flaps and strengthens its wings and then suddenly takes off into the sublime air. This is the time for Dan’s Furniture Group; it’s our time to fly.

OUR MISSION To produce and supply Exclusive and Distinctive range of furniture products to the local market.

OUR GOALS To be successful, realizing the value for our customers, aiming higher and penetrating the private and public sectors.

OUR PILLARS/VALUES Integrity . Resourcefulness . Respectfulness. Reliability. To promote our values, we aim to achieve mutually beneficial relationships; we aim to deliver beyond expectations. Our values are the glue that binds us together.

OUR SERVICES Educational Furniture, Manufacturing, Shop fitting and Manufacturing, Boards Supply

OUR OBJECTIVES To create a reputable name and fame through distinctive designs and proper business


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