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The construction of luxurious villas in Mount Hampden is picking up pace to accommodate dignitaries attending the upcoming SADC Summit in August. Pre-fabricated concrete walls, manufactured in Switzerland to ensure exceptional quality, have begun arriving at the site.

A local contractor, Bitumen World, has already completed the foundations for ten single-story villas. Meanwhile, a team of experts from Mabetex, a renowned Swiss civil engineering and construction company, is on standby to install the precast walls. The remaining foundations will be finished soon by Bitumen World’s diligent crew. Several cranes stand ready to assist with the wall installation process.

This project signifies a collaborative effort. The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works is overseeing construction, with the goal of completing the villas by mid-July. The involvement of Mabetex stems from a recent visit by President Mnangagwa to Switzerland, where he had the opportunity to see the company’s impressive portfolio. Following the visit, an agreement was reached for Mabetex to contribute to various Zimbabwean construction projects, including these villas, a conference center in Mount Hampden, and even Zimbabwe’s embassies in four foreign countries.

Mabetex boasts a rich history in construction, with a proven track record dating back to 1991. The company tackles large-scale projects with expertise in historical renovations, government buildings, industrial facilities, and urban development. Their global reach is undeniable, with subsidiaries established in 18 countries and a workforce exceeding 14,000 employees.

Over the years, Mabetex has cultivated a reputation for excellence, prioritizing quality and client satisfaction in every project they undertake. Their experience extends beyond traditional construction, encompassing interior design, mineral processing plants, food production facilities, environmental protection initiatives, and even water treatment plants.

The rapid progress on these villas in Mount Hampden signifies a confluence of international expertise and local effort. Leveraging cutting-edge construction techniques and a commitment to quality, this project is on track for completion by mid-July, ensuring comfortable and luxurious accommodations for the upcoming SADC Summit.

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