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Bespoke glass solutions in modern world

Glass has become the centre piece of architectural design and interior décor. Not only improving the visual and aesthetic appeal of the home or office space, glass enhances the overall value of the building. Frameless Showers, Balustrades, Table Tops and Kitchen Splashbacks are at the core of transforming ordinary homes and office spaces into modern works of art

Kitchen Splashbacks – Made from Low Iron Glass which is specifically designed to have high clarity, Glass Splashbacks can be customised with paint or artwork to create a truly unique Design. Frameless Showers – Modern bathrooms are the epitome of elegance and style, and our frameless glass showers offer a high level of sophistication to any bathroom. Balustrades – Glass Balustrades offer a strong, safe and secure environment without compromising on style.

Frameless exterior Balustrades enhance the value of the home while achieving unobstructed views. Table Tops – The finishing touch to any interior is Bespoke Furniture. Create something new and unique with our choice of glass for your table tops. As an industry leader City Glass is at the forefront of Bespoke Glass, offering truly custom made solutions to discerning clientele across the country and the region. With a wide range of glass products to choose from and state of the art Italian Glass Processing Machinery, City Glass offers class leading glass designs and specifications for a wide range of applications.

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