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Benefits of Double Glazing

Specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings, double glazing also performs many other benefits, including: Warmer in winter: Double glazing is the ideal form of insulation, with up to 50-70% of home heat lost through single-glazed windows. Double glazing also helps capture and store a higher percentage of the natural heat from the winter sun. Cooler in summer: Double glazing insulates your home against extremes of temperature, trapping some of the summer sun;s rays and minimising the heat which burns through your windows on hot, sunny days. Reduces energy usage: Because there’s less need for heating systems you’ll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills and helps the environment.

Reduces condensation: Condensation can be a serious problem, particularly in older homes, as it causes mould and mildew, and in some cases it will also rot timber window frames and damage your family’s health. Double glazing works to reduce excess moisture on your window panes. Reduces noise: Double gazing reduces noise for a calmer, quieter home. High performance double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60%, making it a great investment if you live by a busy road or beneath a flight path.

Enhances resale value: Double glazing is an excellent way to increase the resale value of your home. With double glazing, an older home can be just as desirable to the purchaser who wants to ensure that the house they buy is efficiently insulated. With retrofit doubleglazing any home can get the benefits! Benefits of Double Glazing Reduces interior fading: Reduces the damaging effects of UV light on drapes, carpet and furniture (special glass types required) Reduced interior fading by using glass combinations that reduce the transmission of UV radiation. Reduce the need for thermal drapes that can block the exterior view. Increases security: Discourage intruders for safety and security. It’s more difficult for intruders to break in through double glazed windows, particularly if you include laminated or toughened glass

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