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Bathroom Trends 2017 / 2018 Designs, Colors and Materials

AT first glimpse it may seem that the bathroom is the dullest and not fashionable space of the home – tributary to its functionality and prosaic means – but if you think about it is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time – so why not to let your imagination fly free and turn the space into an emanation of style and beauty. And here is where we can help.

What are the trends for the next year when it comes to bathroom design, colors and materials? What will be fashionable, stylish and easy to maintain? What are the latest creations and innovations of the most renowned designers and brands?

Combinations of natural materials to create something new and exciting

Well, first – keep in mind that 2017 is going to be marked by the return to the organic to the natural and the unalterable search of new and functional. So when it comes to a bathroom design the direction will be: super clean colors, seamless lines and practical and simple arrangement of spaces but with the dash of organic coziness and elegance. So let your imagination and creativity flow and turn the functionality of the bathroom into a play of art – a contemporary creation of style.

Combine – be bold

When one uses a combination of modern and organic, it creates a dynamic atmosphere that evokes clean and stylish sensation. The juxtaposition of wood and stone to synthetics is very clever, combinative and suitable for many variations of design. In this image the Lariana by Patricia Urquiola for Agape, the bathtub of reduced dimensions, is laid amongst the warmth of the wood and the shine of the ceramic tiles. A combination supplemented by easy to maintain synthetic materials. A modernistic yet homey composition.


In the new trend of bathroom design, the smart creators rediscover the old organic connection between clay and water. In the cultural history of humanity, the clay is one of the oldest materials used to create vessels for the containment of water and even today stays the primary material for the creation of zincs and other fashionable bath appliances. The designer Werner Aisslinger found that the most plastic, natural and free material is the clay and used it with no borders to the imagination. A wonderful example of this flow of imagination is the water-dispensing product that leaves all familiar shapes, functions and materials behind: The Sea and the Shore are made of clay and is a hybrid of a shelf and a tap.

Make the precise seems easy

To create an easiness of design can be quite difficult, one must aim to an elegant final outlook, that gives the feeling that the bathroom is carefully planned without being obsessed over. This well-balanced atmosphere can be achieved when the combination of classy and modern, the minimalism and warmth, the innovation and nature comes in one harmonic point that sits on delicate edge – the aim of any quality design.

Innovative usage of timeless materials

Another natural material that brings back the domain of nature into our homes is undoubtedly the wood. It is clear that the innovations and research in the sphere of material usage allow the rich variety of timber, stone, metal and ceramics to be used in a new unknown before way. This project of Piero Lissoni for Boffi and their series Garden gives us an excellent example of the elegant combinations between natural materials that can be suitable for a modern bathroom design. A base of wood with a steel sheet on top of gorgeous stone – an innovative and classy combination.

Introduce something life – to bring life into the design

Don’t forget to include green, living plants into your bathroom ambiance that is not only fashionable but also a beautiful touch of the design. t is only understandable that designers admire and follow the biggest creator – the Nature. Its organic products introduce a huge variety and multiple possibilities for unique design creations and exciting sensations. As the designers says: ”No two items are ever the same – being naturally created and then manufactured – so they give a uniqueness to a bathroom” The rich tactile sensation which stone surfaces, wood warmth and other natural materials can bring are also laying a decisive role in their usage in bathrooms design.

Another untypical use for the classy wood – is as a material for a bathtub. The innovations in modern technology allow the designer Matteo Thun for Rapsel, to introduce the sensitive material as a beautiful and unique addition to the bathroom design. The presence of the clean and fresh texture of the wood into the design brings not only a luxurious touch to the composition, but it also makes the premise an ultimate place for rest.

Consider darker colors

As you know, the dark and moody colors make a huge comeback at the scene of interior design fashion in this season and your bathroom – if used right will exude luxury and relaxation. Keeping in mind the tendency of usage of natural materials, cement tiles are going to be very popular this year. The most on-trend color this season, without a doubt, will be the gray. And make no mistake the gray may sound dull but it works wonderfully in a rich variety of shades and hues. It adds moody or tranquil, elegant or dynamic atmosphere to any premise.

Brass is on trend

Marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in hues of brass and gold – a stylish return to the 70’ts aesthetic in the color combination and tonalities this is one very trendy bathroom project. It seems that the brass has the tendency to become the new most fashionable metal for the bathroom. In combination with the nobility of the marble becomes one irresistible composition Here an example of how the nobility of the stone in combination with minimalism and other natural materials can compose one truly stylish and contemporary ambiance.

The Large Format Slim Stone series of over-sized tile variations uses luxurious natural stone products such as Marble, Travertine, and Quartzite for its products. And here another application for the marble – not only for cladding and flooring but as a product for accessories and bathroom fittings like this marble washbasin by Carlo Colombo for Teuco.

Tile shapes and play with geometry

The bright lines of the architectural, structural elements inspire a variation of geometrical shapes when it comes to the trends in tailing and ceramic cladding. Hints of the Orient are introduced in a modern and dynamic way in the new bath tile collection of Claesson Koivisto Rune.


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