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Bathroom Tap Trends

It is the simplest and smallest things that make a difference in every room. In the bathroom, the type of taps can really make or break the bathroom composition. There are a number of factors that have to be considered before deciding the style to go for.


ne handle: These taps offer an on/off activation and temperature regulation with a single operation. A very practical option, as your other hand is left free for teeth-brushing, face-washing and rinsing the basin. The majority of one-handle taps have the lever attached to the spout; however, some wall-mounted taps comprise a separate handle that can be placed to one side of the spout.

Two handles: Two-handle taps boast separate handles to control the hot and cold-water mix. They come in a plethora of various options, including widespread or centreset, and wall-mounted.

Smart sensor bathroom taps: These taps have no handles – they automatically switch on as you move your hands underneath the spout. Traditionally used a lot for commercial applications in public restrooms and in hospitals, sensor taps are fast becoming sought after in residential applications as well. They are equipped to remember the water temperature you like, can regulate the water pressure and signal when you are wasting water.


With regards to design rends, bathroom taps are moving away from the more linear designs to include more free-flowing design lines. Organic-inspired shapes are currently very trendy – new state-of-the-art tap designs are those with the fewest bumps, angles, ridges or any other design element that interrupts the smooth flowing form of the overall aesthetic. Water-saving features and flow control are important design elements to look out

BATHROOM TAP TRENDS for in modern taps. Aerated spouts are a must-have in any new tap – they mix air with water using a built-in screen that restricts the flow of water. In this way, you get better water pressure, and it saves money by generally cutting down on water consumption. There are many advancements in ceramic disc technology, which have enabled the design of more compact taps and the use of less components to achieve similar functions.

For example, nowadays underwall diverter mixers do not require a separate diverter mechanism – instead, the mixing and diverting is handled by one cartridge. Whichever tap you choose, it is important to ensure that you choose the best quality taps you can afford. Your taps should last a very long time, so make sure that you choose ones that are practical, functional and ones with an aesthetic appeal that you love – they should have a timeless appeal and that won’t date too quickly.

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