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Why should you be speaking to Agristructures For your Tobacco structural needs? We can design a solution that suits your specifc requirements without restricting you to a standard design that does not best suit your requirements. We understand that cost is important, and everyone’s requirements differ. Most of our tunnels are closely designed with the customer, specifcally suiting his needs and are often built so that they can easily be extended to handle growth, 95% of our existing tunnels were extending in their second year, some tunnels are now three times bigger than the initial tunnel.

The quality of your tobacco is going to become more and more important and you should be ensuring that your curing system will give you the best possible styles of cured tobacco. The airfow through your tunnel and the humidity that you recycle or don’t recycle are very important, too little or too much of either will result in off style tobacco – ensure that you have the ability to move dry air during extended wet periods and recycle moist air during dry conditions. We believe that our tunnel designs will give you maximum fexibility and control over how you cure your tobacco, thereby giving you the best possible cure.


  1. Complete turnkey bespoke tunnel and storage facilities, generally suited to “greenfelds” and corporate projects. Agristructures takes full control of the project management and installation of the project, usually incorporating all your structural requirements into one project, thereby giving you time to concentrate on managing your farm or business.
  2. Self build “Kit form” tunnel, with detailed building plans and a comprehensive materials list, suited to the budget conscious farmer who is prepared to get involved with the build. When you can least afford a tunnel is when you need it the most – with some hard work on the customers side, sensible savings make your tunnel project achievable with as much or as little technical support from Agristructures as required
  3. Existing Building Modifcation, to incorporate a tunnel. This option does require certain criteria regarding the existing building. By using existing structures, we can trolleys ceilings tunnels signifcantly reduce the cost of the structural build, most structures simply requiring some smart use of space and installation of ceilings and rails.

Agristructures is at the forefront of local poultry house supply. We have supplied the Poultry sector with buildings for over 20 years, these include various chicken houses from broiler houses to laying houses, insulated hatchery buildings, abattoirs, offces, workshops and storage sheds. We work very closely with both Zimbabwean and regional experts so that we can offer the best possible structures as cost effectively as possible.

Our chicken houses in particular have been designed to complement Zimbabwe’s climate and economy, thereby saving you on installation and operational costs wherever possible, while still offering a frst class product. We also understand that every customer has different needs, therefore we like to work closely with our customers so that you end up with the right building for the right job. We can supply a wide range of poultry houses for smaller, single, 3000 bird broiler units up to very large multiple poultry house breeder operations with all the requisite storage sheds, hatcheries etc. We can supply complete turnkey projects, however to manage costs we can point you in the right direction to purchase all your accessories. We have designed our buildings so that we can work seamlessly with the customer during the installation. If you have a tight time deadline, we have designed the bases so that we can install the footings in unprepared ground, then you can quickly and easily prepare your slab and perimeter wall around our bases, giving you accurate levels and building lines.

While you are completing the floor and brickwork, we will be fabricating the structure. Once we have finished the fabrication we will lift the structure so that the build is completed as quick as possible. Our buildings are also designed so that the curtains and bird-proofing ft in seamlessly with your brickwork. We support our roofing sheets on fabricated lattice purlins. We use lattice purlins because they are very strong and easy to clean, and there are no channels or recesses where dirt and disease may gather when regularly washed down. If you look at the shadows in the picture opposite you will notice that we have also carefully positioned the purlins so that you may hang your droppers and feeders off them, saving money when outfitting your houses.

We offer a variety of eaves heights and overhangs depending on your requirements and we can give you good advice. We also offer a variety of doors depending on your requirements. In today’s very competitive environment, you must be able to get the most from your investment, our poultry houses have been engineered to give your chickens the best conditions in which to thrive, you can ill afford costly substandard structures that do not adequately protect your valuable poultry, stock feeds, chemicals, equipment and harvested crops.

Our design experience covers in excess of 500,000m2 of performing structures ranging from smaller 120m2 storage sheds to massive mining structures weighing over 150 tonnes each, supplied to one of the biggest copper mining companies in the world, designed and fabricated to stringent Australian engineering specifications.

Our fabrication is precise and our structural design experience ensures that our buildings perform without problems, yet are not overweight or expensive. We offer a wide range of options to suit your exact requirements, from simple DIY kit form roof structures to be installed on top of your roofs, to large complex fully installed steel buildings with mezzanine floors, and heavy duty gantry cranes.

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