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Absolute Coatings recently completed two high profile Harare based projects. The first project involved supplying paint and being contracted for Cresta Hotel and the second one was painting the Wanganui One Townhouses for the joint firm TDW/Turnbury.

Cresta Hotel:

The work included painting the interior consisting of 171 rooms, Cool Beans Restaurant, public areas, conference rooms, Charters Restaurant, and bathrooms. As well as the exterior painting of the Sango Conference Rooms and the exterior painting of the Foyer Entrance and Charters Entrance.

They used Absolute Cashmere Cresta Grey for all the rooms and Absolute Cashmere Furcell for the public areas. The designers selected Absolute Cashmere Furcell for the public areas, as the lighter version of the two colours, because lighter colours can make spaces appear more spacious and open, while darker colours evoke feelings of intimacy and cosiness.

“Absolute Coatings remains acutely aware that the right paint colour can contribute to a memorable and enjoyable stay for guests, reinforce the hotel’s brand identity, and leave a positive and lasting impression,” noted Nick Gwatinyanya, Absolute Coatings – Projects.

Keeping in mind the nature of the hotel, they had to opt for a strong, durable, and extremely washable paint – Absolute Cashmere. Absolute™ Cashmere™ is a rich, luxurious, and durable paint with a velvet-sheen finish. It is a high-performance, non-drip advanced quality pure acrylic emulsion. Absolute™ Cashmere™ contains next-generation DuraLite™ technology that repels dirt, improves longevity, and enhances colour stay. This product is guaranteed for 12 years!

Wanganui One Townhouses:

Located in Meyrick Park, the work at the townhouses involved painting a 26-unit 3-bedroom development. All the external walls were primed with Absolute All Surface Primer and followed by two coats of Absolute Wallscape as the final finish.

The team worked closely with TDW to create a custom colour for this development, with a full face brick finish, standard paint colours would not match the unique surfaces or materials used.

“The goal was to create a colour that would enhance, beautify, and protect this stunning project, all while, providing a more cohesive and polished look,” said Ropa Masengere, Absolute Coatings.

The interior walls were adorned with Absolute Cashmere, a silky-smooth luxury paint with a mid-sheen finish. The ceilings are painted with Absolute Ceiling White and all doors with Absolute Eggshell Enamel. They ensured that only the highest quality products were used on this project, as to guarantee lasting beauty at Wanganui One.

Exterior walls were painted with a unique colour, exclusive to TDW and Turnbury, adeptly named “Wanganui Grey”. The internal walls were coated with an Ash Grey, this colour was selected because of its ability to respond to different lighting conditions, regardless of the time of day the room looks stunning in natural daylight as well as artificial lighting settings.

Over the years, Absolute Coatings’ team of skilled professionals has completed the painting of hundreds of homes, multiple commercial establishments, and various industrial complexes.

They continuously strive to develop environmentally friendly products and processes. Their responsible practices ensure that while they create beautiful spaces, they are also contributing to a greener future.

Text by Martin Chemhere

Fotos by Fotohaus

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