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Tipper Trailers Play An Important Role In The Construction Industry For Delivery Of Aggregates

Tipper Trailers Play An Important Role In The Construction Industry For Delivery Of Aggregates

Tipper trailers and other transportation solutions play an important role in the construction industry for the delivery of aggregates and other materials. Manufacturers are focused on delivering high-quality, robust products.

Having been in the UAE for more than 30 years, GORICA Group is a recognised force in the Gulf and wider Middle East. The company is ready to work with any customer, and there is no typical client, explains Domen Bockor, GM for Sales and Marketing. “We deal equally with massive companies that can buy up to 500 units, and on the other end of the spectrum a sole operator buying a single trailer.”

Local manufacturing gives GORICA a big advantage, he says. “We are by far the number one bodybuilder in the Middle East and Africa and West Asia, in terms of output and product depth. And we are recognized as number 15 in the ‘World TOP 30 body builders’ by Global Trailer [publication].”

One of GORICA’s main advantages is its strong after-sales support, with service staff in all the major locations, meaning they can quickly attend to a customer and communicate well with a company’s drivers and staff. That also translates to strong resale values on the used equipment market, he notes.

Products with more electronics naturally need greater aftersales support. “For a tipper trailer, unless there is an overturn, there is typically only really minor support required.”

GORICA has factories and workshops throughout the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, the company is building a factory that is expected to be operational in the coming months, its completion delayed somewhat by Covid restrictions. It will improve after-sales support for customers and speed up lead times, while the factory will also carry out body-mounting of superstructures on rigid trucks.

For the near-term market prospects, Bockor says the outlook for GORICA is linked with the sales of major European and Japanese truck-makers since its buyers of a new premium truck typically buy a trailer from GORICA once they have ordered a new vehicle. More broadly, economic development is changing the Gulf from a construction-based economy to a more service-based economy.

“If I look from now 10 years down the road, there will be less of these types of products and many more service-oriented products, meaning waste management products like garbage, compactors, refrigerated trailers, milk tankers for transportation of fresh milk, fuel tanks, animal feed bulkers and so on.”

From that perspective, GORICA is directing its product development towards high-tech solutions, whether waste management solutions for municipalities or refrigerated trailers, a process that began eight or so years back, he says.

“We ‘smelt’ this transformation of the economy and the market, and we are working closely with European truck-makers and we see changes being implemented on their trucks. We have prepared ourselves and are now really only widening our product base because we already built the manufacturing capabilities, the design capabilities, and the rest.”

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The company is also aligning its R&D and production innovation focus in the direction of Expo 2020 and the UAE government, namely zero-emission and electrified products. “We are working on sustainability of transportation, which for now can only be achieved in certain industries and certain productions, though as the technology develops we will be able to go further.”

The company has a broad supply chain in Europe and South Korea, including steel suppliers like SSAB in Sweden, Thyssenkrupp in Germany, and Hyundai in South Korea. When working with major international companies, such as Wabco for braking systems, they have vast supply chains with manufacturing locations across the world. “Our supply chain is mainly based with European suppliers, that’s how we ensure high-quality levels.”

The company has also invested in high-quality manufacturing techniques, including automatic welding and submerged arc welding for cross-sections of tankers. All the CNC rolling is fully automatic, and the plasma cutting and steel bending are automated. “The level of automation [in our manufacturing facilities] is so high, it’s comparable to any European bodybuilder.”


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