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Bulawayo has a rich, well-documented cultural heritage that is embodied in its brand as the City of Kings. And on that backdrop, Radar Holdings Limited, through its Property development unit, Radar Properties is building a city within a city, an upmarket premium residential estate known as Kings City. The estate is a 2000 hectare multi-use property with potential for over 9000 low and medium- density residential stands. Located only 8km from Bulawayo city center, Kings City is perfectly placed for accessibility to existing local amenities such as NUST University, Petra College, Christian Brothers College, School of Mines, and several others.

The planning for Kings City speaks to its high standards and vision. It is designed to support its community of residents through the commercial property that will enable the construction of business
facilities, shopping areas as well as recreational spaces. There is also provision for industrial property and social amenities within the estate. This naturally opens up opportunities for corporates
and real estate investors to build corporate structures, shopping complexes, and recreational facilities that bring an extra layer of convenience and experience to the estate. Radar Properties
extends the invitation to corporate players and banks alike to take advantage of the 14 commercial stands covering a total of 41 hectares, 60 institutional stands totaling 247 hectares in size, and
426 hectares dedicated to light industrial property development.

Radar Properties has to date invested upwards of US$3.5 million in servicing more than 500 low-density residential stands excluding the value of the land itself. Focus currently is driven towards rolling out the medium-density phase with residential stands ranging from 600 to 1 000 square meters. This is an exciting development that should satisfy the increasing need for smaller stands evidenced by the number of inquiries against them.

Currently on offer are low-density residential stands starting from 2000m² going up. The development has seen speedy progress with almost 500 fully serviced stands being developed in just
over a year at premium market standards. Radar Properties has ensured of this consistent with their vision through several measures that serve to establish the quality, upmarket standard
and consistency in the long term. There are systems built into the development processes and architecture recommended to homeowners as well as an architectural committee that oversees
the standard for homeowners.

There are also synergistic partnerships that have been formed to facilitate development and ease of business on the customer’s end as well as compliance. The contractor of the project is APG
Contractors while conveyancers are Kantor & Immerman. Radar Properties has gone the extra mile in ensuring a seamless customer experience for both local and diaspora clients through their partner Ore And Tar building a network of touchpoints to simplify communication and availability of information and digitization.

To fully realize the vision, there are provisional house plans that will be availed to set the standard for homeowners. These, together with the architectural committee should serve as a benchmarking index for quality builds commensurate with the royal building standards expected within the estate. The generous stand sizes offer an opportunity for every homeowner to fully express themselves with quality interior and exterior spaces. Combined with provisional plans and architectural guidelines, the building standards are a direct conveyor towards an upmarket,
prestigious real estate investment that continues to grow in value for all stakeholders.

Homeowners in Kings City also benefit from brick supply advantages that are created by the connection between Radar Properties and Macdonald Bricks. The two companies are both operated by
Radar Holdings Limited and should enable them to anticipate construction requirements in the development and allow homeowners preference in procuring the much-needed construction element. There is also a recommended supplier list to enable homeowners access to high-quality construction materials across the board. To enable access to a wider customer base, in line with their vision of providing affordable property solutions, potential homeowners can purchase land within Kings City on practical terms that allow for a minimum deposit of 10% with the balance payable over 18 months.

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This naturally avails the opportunity of premium property to a much wider group at a lower investment value, which is a unique proposition. The stands are well priced at only $13.65 per square meter which should see a standard 2000 square meter stand going for a reasonable price of $27 300, a bargain when compared to the standard market rates in most developments around the country.

Sales contacts:
Radar Properties | 0772 425 222

text & photos by Ore and Tar

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