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Mwanamambo:- Design And Construction Projects, A Unique And Innovative Model For Success.

Mwanamambo:- Design And Construction Projects, A Unique And Innovative Model For Success.

Mwanamambo Design and Construction Projects – Mwanamambo DCP – is a wholly Zimbabwean-owned company that was inaugurated in December 2017. Their vision was to create a new model for the way in which projects are planned, implemented, and completed from the initial concept right through to the finished product. Mwanamambo offers a full turn-key service from beginning to end dealing with every facet of the project under one roof. The model means that there’s a carefully controlled coordination of all the different aspects of a project so progress is perfectly synchronised – passing the savings in time and budget on to the client.

The model employed by Mwanamambo DCP saves 10-15% of overall project costs per project. At the same time, the client can avoid the hassles of dealing with different game players who sometimes shift the responsibility to others for budget overruns or time scheduling delays. It means clients only have one company to deal with rather than many different organisations. In addition, Mwanamambo has the capacity to deal with most details of a project in-house.

Mwanamambo DCP was founded by Brighton Ngarava, Kudzai Nhau, and Farai Mushove with Simba Magwenzi handling all the design aspects of the company. Despite the fact that they’re a relatively young company together the principals have over 30 years of collective experience in innovative methods of planning, construction, maintenance, and renovation. Mwanamambo DCP’s service focus and capabilities include (but are not limited to):


Their infrastructure business has the capacity to handle large-scale civil projects like roads, bridges, airports, dams, pipelines, etc. They are also experts in the construction of both commercial and residential projects,
specialising in green building engineering and energy management.


Mwanamambo DCP are involved in every aspect of the refurbishment of commercial building exteriors and
interiors, bringing them up to scale with current global trends. Mwanamambo DCP designs and builds modern interior and exterior spaces, giving a fresh lease of vibrancy to commercial spaces.


Mwanamambo implements all aluminium and glass design and works in-house, this results in cost savings that are passed onto the client whilst maintaining a high quality of work.


As part of our interior design function we specialises in custom furniture builds, shop fitting and BICs for both
commercial and private projects.


Mwanamambo DCP has an in-house team of branding specialists which ensures a lower cost of branding for commercial projects which contributes to overall project savings.


Mwanamambo DCP is a leader in the design, construction, engineering, and maintenance of projects dealing with power generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power for both the renewable and non-renewable value chain.

Mwanamambo DCP’s main clients include government agencies, NGOs, large established industry players, schools, hospitals, banks, construction companies, and private residential projects.

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Just a few of recently completed projects which were implemented under the able leadership of their experienced project managers and contractors namely Mr. Doubt Mazara and Mr. Richard Goredema include the award-winning Gota residential project, Huawei Technologies new office construction, various Standard Bank projects, Megawatt Shopping Mall in Gweru, various KFC branches, eye clinics at Norton, Marondera and Harare hospitals, and various schools.

Mwanamambo-DCP has recently completed the ZTA reception and information centre renovations as well as offices for Flyafrica at the R. G. Mugabe Airport. While a number of their projects are on a very large scale Mwanamambo DCP also takes care of the smallest details. At ZTA they designed and manufactured the custom-made reception desk, the unique boardroom table, workstations, and other furniture, and created a whole new, updated look. For the legal practice Masiya-Sheshe and Associates, they not only designed their offices and the furniture used they also created a corporate identity by creating a brand, managing various aspects of the brand strategy beginning from the creation of a corporate logo, corporate profiles, website, and social media management right up to branded stationery, at the handing over of the project upon completion the clients were ready to move in and start the business.

Mwanamambo DCP’s unique operational model is focused on the fact that has a vast range and number of inhouse
specialists, a system of partner companies, and a network of local artisans and skilled workers to draw from. This enables them to deal with every aspect of the design and production process under one roof and to keep control of a number of diverse disciplines ensuring the smooth and efficient completion of each and every project.

To contact Mwanamambo DCP call:
0778 995 800
0719 163 973
0776 067 963
0772 900 002

text by Michael Nott
photos by Structure and Design

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