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Construction of Semwa Dam project in Zimbabwe on track

Construction of Semwa Dam project in Zimbabwe on track

Construction of the Semwa Dam in Zimbabwe is on course with the project currently at 40% complete. Legislator Cde Tendai Nyabani inspected the works and applauded the Government’s commitment towards the speeding up of the works.

Construction of the dam has been planned for a long time, but no serious construction measures have been taken. However, with the coming in of the new dispensation, it only took a few months for construction work to begin in earnest.

Semwa dam is being constructed along the Ruya River and upon completion in 2023, it will sit on the boundary of the Rushinga and Mt Darwin districts. The US $3.4bn projects are wholly funded by the Government of Zimbabwe through Treasury.

The dam project is set to have a capacity of sustaining about 12000 ha of irrigation land and is expected to bring an end to perennial drought challenges that are experienced in the district. Major beneficiaries will be those that were relocated to pave way for the project. Additionally, plans are underway for the establishment of a small hydropower plant although further consultations on this venture are still taking place.

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“The completion of the dam is going to address the issue of droughts irrigation water will be available all year round. Other spin offs include the nutritional benefits from fish and green vegetables, especially given how relish is a serious challenge here. Cash availability to the community, town development and intensive land use are some of the major benefits the dam is going to offer this district,” said Cde Nyabani.


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