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Maori Furniture…Customized commercial and residential furniture

Maori Furniture…Customized commercial and residential furniture

Cosmas Masocha is driven, passionate and energetic. As CEO of the Mokuba Group of companies, he has a vision for the Mokuba Group to dominate the field of shopfitting, kitchen design, and installation as well as furniture design and manufacturing. He has more than 15 years of experience in the business of shopfitting, manufacturing, and installing customised aluminium products, and bespoke furniture making, all with an impressive list of satisfied clients. The group’s focus is on both commercial and residential projects across Zimbabwe and in the region -including Zambia and South Africa.

The group is made up of Mokuba Infratech – specialist shopfitters; Mokuba Kitchens that designs, manufactures, and installs complete kitchen (and bathroom) solutions; Maori Furniture that creates custom furniture for offices, shops, and homes; and MBS Hardware who source and retail specialist hardware, fittings, tools, and building materials. Altogether the group of companies forms a complete ‘ecosystem’, working in harmony and complementing each other to handle projects from start to finish all under one roof. Masocha’s attention to detail, personal supervision, and striving for perfection means customers always get the best possible service and the best possible end product.

After many years of work experience in the shopfitting industry –initially as a member of the family-owned business Generations Shopfitters – Masocha decided to set up his own company in 2018. From fairly humble beginnings the business has grown phenomenally quickly under Masocha’s guidance to become the Mokuba Group of diversified but related enterprises. Masocha has the vision to expand the group even more, continually innovating and exploring new avenues of design in line with international trends, as well as keeping up to date with the latest manufacturing technology. Maori Furniture is the most recent sector of his expansion program.

The Mokuba Group has established their headquarters, as well as their various manufacturing units, all under one roof, at 93 Coventry Road in Workington, Harare. Masocha has redesigned and refurbished the existing building both inside and out. The exterior boasts a striking new façade of dark charcoal grey with the corporate logo and the logos of the subsidiary companies set out in eye-catching silver.

There’s a small crisp white portico at the main entrance and neatly landscaped verges. Inside the offices are screened
off behind frosted glass in black aluminium frames to one side and on the other side is a showroom – still being fully
developed – for their custom-made furniture and other products. Behind the showroom are several industrial
divisions housing the necessary machinery and equipment for their various manufacturing enterprises, including the
section for Maori Furniture “Mokuba group 93 Coventry road head quarters”

Mokuba Group has invested heavily in technologically advanced machinery for Maori Furniture for cutting, edging, and finishing a variety of materials. The majority of their furniture is made up of veneered or laminated boards
or post-formed countertops in a wide range of finishes from plain white Formica to granite or a natural timber look. But Maori Furniture is equally skilled at utilising many other materials like steel, aluminium, Perspex, glass, and solid timber.

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While Maori Furniture creates fittings, fixtures, and cabinets for homes and offices they will also draw up floor plans
of the available space and suggest the best layout for clients. For homes, they can design and manufacture bathroom
and kitchen cabinets, built-in cupboards, home office or study desks, TV and entertainment centre cabinets, and a host of other unique pieces. Clients can even bring in a photo or a picture from a magazine and Maori Furniture will be happy to replicate the design.

For offices, they can create customised reception desks, workstations, cubicles, storage units, meeting room, and boardroom tables. They also supply a top range of office chairs for an integrated total workspace scheme. Maori have supplied their exclusive bespoke furniture to a number of leading corporate clients across Zimbabwe including Global BP, GetBucks, ZB Bank, Chicken Slice, Med Orange Pharmacies, and many others.


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