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Pharoah’s Trading relocates to The Old Stables Market at Borrowdale Race Course

Pharoah’s Trading relocates to The Old Stables Market at Borrowdale Race Course

Pharoah Tsaga has been in the business of interior décor and accessories for a long time, so he has loads of experience, particularly in antique and cottage furniture and vintage décor accessories.

He started out in 2005 as the shop manager for the Biggie Best franchise in Newlands – which has sadly since closed. Biggie Best specialises in a softer, romantic look in their fabrics, soft furnishings and homeware and it was here that his passion for the country cottage look began.

When Biggie Best closed Pharoah went on to become the shop manager at The Ginger Tree in Borrowdale under the auspices of Natalie Detering and Carmen Guthrie. He started at The Ginger Tree in 2012, as the shop manager dealing with the stock-keeping and sales, and later overseeing the carpenters doing repairs and renovations. He learned about sanding and resealing furniture – just how much work would enhance a piece without destroying its character and patina. He also learned about painted and distressed finishes. A lick of paint and new vintage-style handles can transform an old set of drawers into a valuable and desirable piece of furniture right on trend with current décor style.

In 2017 Pharoah set up his own business in Chisipite just behind the shopping mall. The shop was very successful and Pharoah became more focused on repairs and renovations, as well as buying and selling for discerning home owners, collectors and professional decorators.

Earlier this year in March Pharoah’s re-located to the up-coming and newly trendy venue at The Old Stables Market at Borrowdale Race Course. The new shop is much bigger so more of his unique stock can be displayed, both within the shop itself and on the verandah and outside garden area. The current shop was originally three smaller rooms which have been opened up to single large display space. A new roof was added on top of the existing roof to keep the place cooler. Pharoah has also added a verandah space with indigo blue cement columns to match the blue doors. His extensive stock spills outside to the verandah with outdoor furniture in the garden beyond.

Abby Maddon from Madd on Flowers (just next door) has assisted with the landscaping in front of her shop and Pharoah’s Trading and made the whole area more attractive. While Pharoah’s place is open throughout the week the busiest time is on Saturdays when the Old Stables Market is in full swing. It’s a buzzy and exciting place to meet and to see what other local craftsmen and artisans have to offer.

At Pharoah’s you can find unique antique and vintage furniture – including chairs and tables, bedroom furniture and a range of cabinets, drawer units and display cases. He also stocks lighting and décor accessories, silver and brass items, glass and crystal ware, china and ceramics, tableware and a small range of linens and soft furnishings.

Pharoah repairs and renovates furniture – including repairing rattan and reimpie chairs and sofas, and repainting and resealing timber in different finishes. Recently he’s been making new pieces using reclaimed and re-cycled timber, with Oregon pine being his preferred material. He’s created hall stands, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and  a variety of other exclusive pieces using different timbers, as well as other materials like mirror, glass, metal mesh and pressed metal ceiling panels. And he makes Oregon pine kitchen or dining tables – and other special commissions to order.

Visit Pharoah’s Trading at The Old Stables at Borrowdale Race Course

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or visit Pharoah’s Facebook page at pharaoh.tsaga for a great selection of photos of their current stock.

-text by Michael Nott

-photos by Structure and Design

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