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TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures now have a new showroom and sales office in Borrowdale

TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures now have a new showroom and sales office in Borrowdale

TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures is a subsidiary of Stallion Trailblazer (Pvt) Ltd. While Stallion Trailblazer specialises in extensions and renovations for homes and offices (including roofs, decks, brick work and plumbing) TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures, as the name suggests, specialise in the manufacturing and installation of steel and aluminium doors, windows, shower cubicles, garage doors, sliding gates, office partitions, shopfronts, burglar bars and security doors, balustrades and staircases – in fact, just about anything for your home or office that’s made of aluminium or steel.

A new aspect of their steel work involves converting shipping containers into shops, offices and homes. Apart from installing the doors and windows in the containers they provide a full turnkey service which includes the interior insulation, floors and ceilings, the air conditioning and everything else the customer requires.

While TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures stock a fairly extensive range of standard sized doors and windows, the majority of their products are custom made to suit individual project. Their consultants have a background in both IT and architectural drawing and are more than happy to work off plans from architects or engineers to draw up specifications for doors, windows or partitions – and their services include site visits to measure up and ensure that all the specifications are correct.

Once the client and TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures agree on all the details they can be supplied with a Bill of Quantities and a quotation and the manufacturing process can begin. For an average home – depending on the size and the complexity – everything for a brand new home can be delivered and installed within 14 working days. For renovation projects, where old doors and windows are being replaced, they offer a full service including plaster and brick work patching and painting around the new installations.

The bulk of TMC Steel and Aluminium Structure’s business revolves around residential projects – the manufacturing and installation of tailor made products, in particular doors, windows, showers, partitions and security bars and grills. Their manufacturing workshop started out in Willowvale but recently, at the start of 2021, they moved the factory to Harare Drive in the Marlborough Light Industrial area. Their new showroom and sales office at Borrowdale Race Course has been operational since the beginning of April this year, although the official opening was on 1st May 2021.

The showroom displays a range of products including custom windows, sliding and folding doors, balustrades, security gates and shower cubicles. The aluminium frames come in a standard selection of anodised colours – white, black, charcoal grey and bronze – although clients can choose from a wide selection of other custom colours. Should the architect, designer or home owner specify red window frames and blue door frames they are willing to accommodate their requests!

Most of TMC Steel and Aluminium Structure’s aluminium profiles are sourced from either South Africa or China and then cut and joined at their Marlborough factory to the client’s specifications. Locks, handles, hinges and window fasteners are carefully selected from South African company Architectural Hardware who only supply top of the range, well known brands and products, ensuring customers of world class fittings and fixtures. Glass is generally sourced locally from various local suppliers including City Glass, Centurion Glass and Easymark Glass and both clear and obscure glass options are available.

A great feature of the aluminium system is that the glass sheets slide into the profile and are then held in place with special rubber sealing strips, similar to those on car windows or windscreens. The rubber sealing is completely water tight and very durable. It means that there’s no need for messy putty to hold the glass in place, it’s quicker and easier to install, and unlike putty it doesn’t need frequent replacing or re-painting.

TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures also specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke steel staircases and balustrades. The current trend in interiors for residential design, and for the hospitality industry, tends towards a more understated look with staircases that appear to float with barely visible structural support. Staircase and balcony balustrades are similarly minimalist with either clear glass set in frameless panels or with a pared back nautical feel. Working with architects and designers, TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures can create the most modern and elegant design options.

Apart from their residential projects they also supply and install office partitions and suspended ceilings for corporate clients as well as shop fronts for retail and commercial clients.

TMC are continuously innovating and expanding their product range to suit clients’ requests and the changing trends in architectural and interior design. A new area of development includes supplying motorised and automated retractable blinds and skylights. Zimbabweans really enjoy their outdoor spaces for entertainment or relaxation but the weather is not always ideal. Retractable blinds and awnings allow people to enjoy their outdoor space more by controlling direct sunlight and providing shelter from sun, rain and wind with the minimum of effort or inconvenience.

TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures pride themselves on their unique consultation services and their connection with their customers from start to finish ensuring that you always get exactly what you need, on time and on budget. They’re a young company – innovative and energetic – and willing to go that extra mile for customer satisfaction.

TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures can be contacted for design consultations and quotations on:

+263 779 568 318

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+263 719 568 318

Or visit the new showroom and sales office at the Borrowdale Race Course.

-text by Michael Nott

-photos by Structure and Design

-additional photos courtesy of TMC

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