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“The Showroom” Opens in Borrowdale…Featuring Artisan’s Range of Coatings and Other Exceptional Décor Products

“The Showroom” Opens in Borrowdale…Featuring Artisan’s Range of Coatings and Other Exceptional Décor Products

Laura Tofts has just opened her brand new Showroom at the Borrowdale Race Course in Harare. The Showroom has been specifically designed to give clients – home owners, architects, decorators, contractors, crafters and DIY enthusiasts – the chance to see Artisan’s range of products, and their various applications, in a practical setting. The Showroom also offers an opportunity for other exclusive suppliers and manufacturers to display their products. Just a few of the other suppliers whose products can be seen include lighting and décor accessories specialists Aura, Tana, Esme Blair, Burnt Earth and many more.

The story of Artisan dates back to the beginning of the 2000’s when Laura Tofts established Benco Paints’ Msasa outlet in 2001. In 2010 Benco was re-branded to become Artisan, set up by Laura and long-time collaborator Paul Coates. The main warehouse and retail outlet is still situated at St James Building in Borgward Road in Msasa. The new showroom expands Artisan’s reach and accessibility to the northern suburbs and allows customers to view samples of both Artisan and other suppliers’ products in a practical and relaxed setting.

Laura and Paul have carefully selected and curated their brands, some with exclusive distribution agencies within Zimbabwe. While they continue to supply their brands from Msasa orders can be placed at The Showroom for any of their products and then collected from the warehouse, or deliveries can be arranged across the whole of Zimbabwe.

When you browse through the product range at The Showroom you will recognise some of the Artisan brands – Medal Decorative Paints; Cemcrete, cementitious coatings for walls and floors; Hamilton Premium Painting Tools; the Rust-Oleum and Spraymate range of aerosol coatings and chalk paints; Earthcote, textured unique wall coatings as well as wallpaper samples from several distinctive suppliers.

At The Showroom they even have a range of ceiling treatments (supplied by?) that look almost identical to the old pressed metal ceiling tiles. The tiles are made from fibreglass cast in authentic original moulds – they’re light weight, easy to use and readily available.

At last the discerning homeowner or designer has a place to be inspired and get a practical sense of these unique finishes and colour combinations on a large scale. The Showroom has tile-size samples of all Cemcrete and Earthcote products that can be viewed to appreciate the colours and textures and combine them perfectly with other elements involved in a build or décor scheme.

There’ll also be training sessions for the specialised floor, pool and wall coatings. You can get a quotation for quantities from off plan or on site consultations, enjoy their colour matching facility, place orders for your products or engage their specialist application teams.

For those of us that need extra help in putting together finishes and colour schemes, a consultation can be booked with Laura Tofts. Her passion for walls and floors will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience and receive a scheme that will be unique to you. Have a look at her Instagram page @lauratofts to see previous projects and where the inspiration comes from.

The Showroom will be offering colour, DIY design, Cemcrete and furniture painting workshops. You can learn about the practical and aesthetic nature of the products and how to implement them in your projects, while enjoying the relaxing environment of the fast growing Business Hub at The Borrowdale Racecourse.

The race course is fast becoming an exciting new centre for businesses to set up shop in a safe, secure and convenient location. The race course outlets include a showroom for TMC Steel and Aluminium Structures , hair stylists, a gym, work wear suppliers, fast food outlets, an electrical repair shop, a Lotto booth and a host of other interesting enterprises. Right next door, still within the Mashonaland Turf Club premises, is the Old Stables Market, which is buzzing with energy and entertainment during their weekly Saturday morning events. Although fairly new it’s quickly becoming the most vibrant and sociable place to shop, eat and meet friends and family. There’s safe and convenient parking, plenty of space for kids to run around, and it’s a welcome alternative to the City Centre or to other bigger, suburban shopping malls.

The Showroom at Borrowdale Race Course is open by appointment.


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Shop 3, New Retail Development, Borrowdale Racecourse, Harare

-text by Michael Nott

-photos by Structure and Design

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