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Major facelift for Esigodini hospital

Major facelift for Esigodini hospital

A video of a roof leaking at Esigodini Hospital a few months ago had people living in the diaspora and local companies donating building material towards renovations resulting in a major facelift of the facility.

Coordinated by Save Esigodini Hospital, a group of people who hail from Umzingwane district both in the diaspora and local, the project saw companies like How Mine coming on board to support the initiative.

Following the circulation of the video of the roof leak on social media, Umzingwane Member of Parliament Retired Brigadier-General  Levi Mayihlome moved in swiftly to coordinate the renovation of the hospital leading to the mobilisation of resources under the Save Esigodini hospital.

Speaking at the official handover of the renovated block as well as building material last Friday, Save Esigodini Hospital representative, Mr Gilbert Gumbo pledged continued support while calling for authorities to continue engaging them for the improvement of the hospital.

“After hearing about the challenges faced by this hospital, we as people from Umzingwane district tried to mobilise resources. The United Kingdom-based Chapter bought asbestos, paint and tiles which has changed the face of the building. We will continue to support this hospital, so feel free to call us for any assistance,”  said Mr Gumbo.

How Mine representative  Mr. Elton Gwatidzo said the district had vast resources like gold and as such health was critical to its people.

“We are happy to be partnering with this initiative. We saw it fit to support this initiative because a healthy nation is a productive nation. This province is indebted with vast resources particularly minerals like gold. As such as a company which operates in this district we found it fit to support the rehabilitation of the hospital as our health is key in production,” said Mr. Gwatidzo.

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Rtd Brig-Gen Mayihlome, who was the guest of honour, applauded the Umzingwane constituency for taking up the initiative to develop the area. He said the initiative was in line with the  National Development Strategy 1.

“It’s a very momentous occasion as it shows that we as a district can do things for ourselves. There was a video circulating on social media of water dripping at the hospital roof. It was then that it was seen by the Save Esigodini hospital (UK Chapter). Allow me to say this is in line with Government’s thrust to improve infrastructure. It’s a good spirit not to look up to Government for solutions but actually, be custodians of our own development. Let’s all contribute towards Vision 2030 in whatever way we can. By so doing we will make sure by 2025 we have sound and reliable infrastructure,” he said.


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