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Government targets to rehabilitate 26 thousand km of roads this year

Government targets to rehabilitate 26 thousand km of roads this year

The government is working on massive road rehabilitation and construction exercise which will cover more than 26 thousand kilometers of the country’s road network this year.

The government recently declared the country’s road network a state of disaster and has taken it upon itself to address challenges in road infrastructure including funding gaps for various development programmes.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development Chairperson Oscar Gorerino confirmed that several government departments which include the District Development Fund and Central Mechanical Equipment Department have been tasked with emergency road rehabilitation and construction programmes within certain timelines.

Cabinet declared all roads a state of we have come up with a number of phased programmes across the country to rehabilitate and construct roads,he said.

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The first and second phases of the emergency road rehabilitation programme are running concurrently from March to December this year.

Part of the funds for the project has been raised through the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) while the treasury has also disbursed another chunk for the programme.

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