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Vic Falls City Council embarks on massive road maintenance programme

Vic Falls City Council embarks on massive road maintenance programme

Victoria Falls City council has embarked on a massive road maintenance programme and needs about $45 million to rehabilitate a combined 33km of its road network that was damaged by rains.

The new city got an allocation of $30 million from the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) hence it has started repairing the damaged roads.

The city has a total of 130km road network, 80km of which is tarred while 50km is shared between gravel and earth roads.

The rehabilitation programme will see the council upgrading 7,5km of earth roads into surfaced roads, doing spot re-gravelling on 6km of gravel roads and also doing pothole patching on about 20km of the road network.

There are also plans to construct Reynard Road extension linking the low-density with Chinotimba suburb while traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Reynard Road and Livingstone Way.

The resort city had over the years maintained good quality roads.

A news crew observed that mounds of gravel had been placed along Mfelandawonye Road, ready to be spread.

City engineer Mrs. Sherinah Sibanda said most roads were damaged by incessant rains the country has been receiving since the onset of the rains.

“We received above normal rainfall which left most of our roads in a bad state. The worst affected are earth roads that were not properly constructed in Mkhosana and gravel roads in Chinotimba. The situation was worsened by lack of a proper drainage system.

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“We have started upgrading some roads and the target is to cover the whole city. We also plan to install traffic lights at the intersection of Reynard Road and Livingstone Way as well as construct Reynard Road extension into Chinotimba. We need about $45 million for this roads rehabilitation project and Zinara has since given us $30 million,” said Mrs Sibanda.

She said the council’s major challenge was shortage of equipment.

The available equipment is obsolete and the grader is constantly breaking down thereby affecting progress.

Mrs Sibanda said the city is at times forced to hire equipment from areas as far as Bulawayo and this as a result is very expensive.

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