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The Dondo Collection is a collaborative project that fuses the manufacturing finesse of renowned Zimbabwean furniture producer, Nigel Joscelyne, with the design and engineering capabilities of ESB industrial design. The Dondo Collection adopted its name from a local Shona word that describes a wooded area filled with beauty, mystery and mysticism. The range pays homage to these diminishing natural woodlands scattered across Zimbabwe’s landscapes.

From the sparse fig trees dotted over the baron wilderness of Mana Pools, to the densely entangled canopies of the eastern highlands, the local flora of Zimbabwe’s diverse woodlands continually manages to seduce the eye! The Dondo Collection uses locally sourced lumber, sculpted into fluid forms that mimic the beauty of naturally grown woodland branches. The design achieves this visual mimicry by adopting a construction method that uses simple two dimensional components arranged and combined to create more complex three dimensional forms.


Formulated in the early sketches of the design process, the Dondo Coffee Table is an ambitious concept that marries the beauty of simplicity with geometric structural integrity. Pulling aesthetic cues from the fallen branches of Zimbabwe’s natural woodland, the coffee table’s legs draw their visual
complexity from one simple form replicated and pivoted through multiple axes.

The overlapping internal supports create a structural lattice that gains strength as the weight of the table top is applied to the frame. This beautiful top is made from toughened/annealed glass, and is bound to the base frame using three custom engineered and polished brass joints.


Designed as a welcoming retreat for the avid reader, the Dondo reading chair offers support for a variety of postures and positions adopted when settling in for a literary escape.

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The height and form of the arm rest has been designed to allow for maximum manoeuvrability, whilst providing an ergonomically accurate support for the elbow when raising a book to within reading distance of the eyes. The arm rest is complimented by the large base cushion which offers maximal space and comfort, allowing the reader to draw their feet up and under them without restriction.


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