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In a space like this one, the architecture leans towards encouraging views of the outside and a lot to view on the inside. Dissecting the elements within this requires we look at what the person was trying achieve in this setup. In other words, we need to construct the context before anything else.

1. Cowhide skin based objects like this stool, can add warmth, texture, luxury, patterns and colour and even a sense of fun

2. Mirrors add an extra dimension to a space, especially when there are two sides to a room like in this case. You are able to glimpse other angles whilst hidden away in a corner.

3. A collection of photographs always works best displayed in a living room space, but because of how different each memory can be in shape or size, there is a lot of difficulty in carefully curating the wall they inhabit. So they were tucked away in a corner with their own chair and viewing table right next to a window. It adds life to the room.

4. This table is a good place to sit and view the outside and either read from or view artwork and new pictures before assignment.

5. This low-lying sofa would work best here in its muted tones, providing an unobtrusive view of the outside and no light is blocked.

6. Books are like artwork – they adorn your table much as artwork hangs on the walls and they speak volumes about your personality, like any good interior space should. Because they are also mobile, there’s a nice, casual ‘just for now’ vibe about even the most permanent feature. They are also a good conversation starter for those that entertain.

7. These floors are nice and muted wood, enhancing the light as well as all the other elements in the room – a great canvas .

8. The staircase is almost a centre-piece, architecturally interesting and stunning, but with walls supporting them that have the extra benefit of dividing the room with its different elements that would otherwise clash visually.

9. Any space that just feels like it’s lacking something, might simply need picture frames. Artistic photographs and artwork can be out in a beautiful collage and bring interest in a room that could feel bare or too minimal. It enhances any space.

10. Those beautiful hanging lamps add more light to the already nicely lit room or can create specific illumination in that specific space when the rest is not lit, creating an intimate setting and reducing the volume of the room.

11. The fireplace is almost one of the framed artworks and is situated in a perfect place to add to what could be an intimate space and provide warmth whilst reading or viewing artwork.

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12. A bean bag is nicely placed for a simple comfortable place to read or contemplate, right by the fireplace.

13. The sofas in this room have contrasting colours but have the same build – long, comfortable and everything about them seems to encourage a large volume of people. They are welcoming and encourage visitors to stay. However, they can be used for cozy lie-downs when one needs rest.

14. A specific placement of an artwork is also good as a conversation starter, but in a room where every available wall needs something to view, it’s a good way to cover more bared spaces.

15. A coffee table is a great design addition in any space. This one is low to match the low-profile furniture and plays host to even more books. Dark wood also expresses a kind of sophistication, which, when paired with the books, is a statement.


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