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PPC New Msasa Plant

PPC New Msasa Plant

SINCE 2014, PPC Zimbabwe has been working towards the next leg of its journey in Zimbabwe. “It marks a giant leap forward in our vision to have a fully integrated cement plant in Harare in the long term,” said Kelibone Masiyane, Managing Director, PPC Zimbabwe, at an event where they showcased their new achievement to their customers.

The Msasa Mill is part of a bigger plan to develop a fully integrated plant in Harare in time, as the economy and local demand grows. PPC invested $85 million dollars to the mill and it was reported to have finished on time and under budget. Sinoma International, with extensive knowledge in building world-standard plants, expertly brought the project to life.

PPC Zimbabwe’s heritage spans over 100 years, providing innovative construction products and solutions through the Colleen Bawn and Cementside Bulawayo factories, producing cement for some of Zimbabwe’s most iconic landmarks, from Victoria Falls Airport and Harare International Airport, the NRZ building to Lake Mutirikwi.

Together, PPC’s Msasa and Bulawayo plants will have an annual capacity of 1.4 million tonnes of cement, bringing their total milling capacity in Zimbabwe to 1.8 million tonnes per annum, providing PPC Zimbabwe greater scope to serve local customers and meet local demand, as well as to export to regional markets such as Zambia and Mozambique.

PPC Zimbabwe’s philosophy, “Strength Beyond the Bag”, represents a commitment that goes beyond producing a bag of cement. Not only does PPC Zimbabwe strive to provide customers with cutting-edge products and services, but PPC champions a genuine partnership and an ongoing relationship with customers and partners.

The new PPC Msasa plant has been built to world-class standards, with customers in mind, incorporating bulk-handling and palletising technology such as that which was introduced at the PPC Bulawayo factory, which can pack 40 cement bags per minute.
Furthermore, the PPC Msasa plant has been designed and constructed in adherence with global emissions standards, helping to achieve PPC’s vision to create positive outcomes for the environment, long-term.

PPC Zimbabwe has aimed to provide customers with real, tangible value in every aspect of business through tailor-made solutions. In addition to providing palletised, plastic-wrapped bagged cement, PPC Zimbabwe also ensures fast and efficient on-site delivery of bulk cement for all large construction projects, saving customers’ valuable time and money. Through attention to detail in all aspects of product quality and service, PPC Zimbabwe works towards a vision to become the preferred cement and cement products supplier in Zimbabwe.

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It is one of the first completed projects in the large Sunway City Industrial build and the PPC Msasa plant is representative of a greater, unwavering commitment by the company to Zimbabwe and her people, the economy, the environment, and the region as a whole. PPC Zimbabwe continues to invest in communities through enterprise development and community support.

“PPC Zimbabwe has overcome challenges in the past hundred years, on its journey to grow and become a significant contributor to the development of the nation. Beyond manufacturing and selling cement, we have a greater mission to make a positive and lasting contribution to Zimbabwe. PPC Zimbabwe is entering a new phase of its journey with great optimism, and thanks Zimbabweans for the steadfast partnership in years gone by” concluded Masiyane, at the customer event.


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