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A number of globally accepted design and interior trends have been decided.

Pantone declared this a green year (specifically yellow green shades) and the pallets for say, dark interior colours is already seeing designers subscribing to dark hues of leafy colours. It doesn’t stray far from the new need to get away from time spent on computers and phones – escapism, with a greater desire to create spaces without digital interference.

With the need for calm and serenity it’s not surprising we are looking to bring the outside inwards. We’ll see that in the use of those greens and other earthy colours like hazelnut and shades like lapis blue.

We, however are looking at two and a half other trends that we are particularly interested in. We are talking about the return of bricks as a design and aesthetic point of focus, whether used inside and left exposed or as breeze blocks framing a veranda or outdoor terrace.

The other, is concrete. Although still famously used as a requirement in Zimbabwean design, concrete hasn’t been as popular globally with new materials making headlines.

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But not only is concrete back as an architectural preference, concrete has found new life in interior design objects. And they are beautiful to look at and add so much to the overall feel of a room. Hard objects have a certain charm to them. Check out our article on House by the Sea’s Stone creations. Which brings us squarely to the last trend, which is more passive (hence calling it half a trend), and is looking at the resurgence of having interior objects feel like art in themselves.


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