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101 on Churchill, Gun Hill… …Harare’s newest shopping venue


The main store is dedicated to Nike brand’s genuine and exclusive products including, of course, Nike’s high fashion shoes and sneakers, as well as athletic and sporting shoes, sporting apparel and a range of unique branded accessories. The shop’s youthful, modern and colourful interior was designed by leading brand creators – Greygate – so it’s totally up to international retail standards. Other shops in the complex include Pretty Stylish Homes who have an exclusive and elegant range of furniture, mirrors, lamps, glassware and stylish home décor accessories.

They still have their original showroom at 3 Denmark Road in Milton Park but Churchill Avenue is their newest outlet. You’ll also fifind a second branch of the well-known Disney Kidz shop which specialises in everything from the wonderful world of Disney including children’s clothing, a huge range of themed toys and all kinds of accessories that the kids will love. In addition, there’s Modish Spaces – an exclusive gift shop for unique personalised products that you won’t fifind anywhere else. Modish has gifts for every occasion in stock including wall plaques, printed cushion covers, coffee mugs, caps, pens and notebooks, keyrings and ornaments. They usually provide a custom gift service to order, although that’s temporarily suspended while they’re still settling in at their new premises, and they are offering up to 50% discounts for their opening specials.

Pure Awesome will be officially opening on 1st June with a range of IT related products including the latest cellphones, tablets and laptops, video games and home security systems. They also have digital gift cards and they have a certifified repair centre. It’s your one-stop shop for everything IT!

The existing house – which has now been converted to an up-market shopping complex – has not been extended dramatically. The original footprint remains pretty much the same although the interior layout has been adapted to create 6 independent retail spaces, and new aluminium doors and windows have been fitted. Each shop is now bright and spacious with windows overlooking the front, paved, linking walkway and the garden.

101 Churchill Avenue is family owned and they’ve been involved in the architectural design, renovations and even the garden landscaping right from the beginning. Nations Hardware consulted on the electrical, plumbing and material choices. The family acted as the main contractor and managed the project. Nations Hardware also installed the Smart Metres (so each shop has its own electricity metre) and the latest in Wi-Fi technology for individual tenants.

The family has paid special attention to the exterior of the complex. There’s gravelled parking space in front and to the side so there’s loads of safe, secure parking. Pomona Fencing supplied the Clearview panels, set between brick pillars, to separate the parking from the road, and exterior LED lighting and CCTV cameras have been installed for extra security.

They’ve also planted 14 palm trees – and transferred some of the older mature trees in the garden – to soften and ‘green’ the street front and maintain an environment friendly ambience. The flowers beds around the parking area have been planted with a number of water wise plants – some indigenous and some exotics – which will look welcoming and attractive when they’re a little more established.

Future plans include establishing a coffee shop behind the main shops, where the old back verandah was, with an outside covered courtyard.

The existing kitchen from the original house is quite large and perfectly suited for a small restaurant. Because the grounds are quite large there’s space at the back to add more shops and develop the property further. The property is also scheduled to run entirely on renewable energy by the end of the year.

As if the above wasn’t enough, and in-line with the “green-building” theme, an Electric Vehicle charging station is being installed, so drop by if you own EV that needs to be charged! Drop in to 101 Churchill Avenue to take a look around at the exclusive shopping options. You’ll definitely find something great to take home!

text by Michael Nott

photos by Structure and Design

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