West Property hands over Millennium Heights second block

Government is pleased with the luxury residential lifestyle developments being undertaken by West Property run by property magnate Mr Kenneth Raydon Sharpe whose vision is to lay one billion bricks by 2050. Minister of Housing and Social Amenities Honourable Daniel Garwe recently officiated at the handover ceremony of 60 apartments to proud first time homeowners. The picturesque development that now decorates the land between Dandaro Old People’s Home and Borrowdale West suburb has been nominated for various local and international awards.

The apartments were handed over at a mini ceremony befitting the grand “Dubai luxury lifestyle” integrated mixed use developments. The Millennium Heights project that will eventually have 1000 luxury lifestyle apartments is a 10 year project.

West Property CEO Mr Kenneth Raydon Sharpe says his company is complementing Government to achieve the middle income society by 2030 through its various infrastructure development projects. Housing delivery is one key determinant in achieving the middle income society. “Our mantra is bringing Dubai to Zimbabwe. We want the same beauty and splendor that attracts visitors to Dubai from across the world to be experienced here in Zimbabwe. If Dubai could do it on limited land spaces, in the middle of a desert and literally built on sand, then why can we not achieve the same here in our country, with our vast skills base, abundant land, visionaries and top-notch city planners,” says Mr Sharpe.

“We are proud to have added value to this land which was not zoned when we took it over. Block one already has happy tenants living there. Block three will have 112 units and soon all the remaining 8 blocks will be standing and will have a total of 1000 apartments. This development within Millennium Park consists of the largest lifestyle estate in Zimbabwe. It will include Millennium Heights, Pokugara Residential Estate, The Mall of Zimbabwe, several office parks, as well as the wetland park that will take about 50 hectares of the space.”

Mr Sharpe says as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, it is entering into a partnership with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to re-engineer an eco-park full of natural flora and fauna on the wetland within the Millennium Park. The secure and sought-after development offers families a variety of accommodation options ranging from studio, one bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with backup water and solar power. West Property has a deliberate green policy for all their developments, which will increase the use of alternative energy in the country.

Concurring with West Property’s vision and applauding the excellent work being done,Honourable Garwe took to the podium to compliment the property developer, saying: “As His Excellency the President always reiterates; Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, I am pleased to see such workmanship from Zimbabweans who are keen to rebuild their country, import best practices from far afield and employ them for the development and upliftment of our country and Harare in particular. I am informed the project is part of the bigger plan of the “Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe Campaign” which resonates with the ministry’s thrusts towards establishment of smart settlements where people can live, work
and play in modern environments”.

“I also wish to commend the project proprietors for ensuring that requisite onsite and offsite infrastructure is in place before people occupy buildings. The application of densification model is a plus as we need to ensure that human settlements do not take up land earmarked for other economic sectors to thrive.” Minister Garwe highlighted that West Property was using renewable energy such as gas and solar to power the building and provide domestic energy.

Text by— Tanyaradzwa Marabada
Photos by— Fotohaus

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